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I used the word nanny statist in my last blog, and someone suggested that I should define it. A nanny statist is someone who believes that the state   and its bureaucracy can manage your affairs better than you. They are convinced, and they want you to be convinced, that they are there to protect you from harm.

AURORA, Colo. (AP/CBS4) – A 6-year-old boy was suspended from his suburban Denver school for three days after school officials said he told a girl “I’m sexy and I know it,” a line from a popular song. D’Avonte Meadows, a first-grader at Sable Elementary School in Aurora, is accused of sexual harassment and disrupting other students, according to a letter the school district sent to his mother after he was sent home Wednesday.  Aren’t you glad they caught the dangerous little pervert? Nanny statists are also quite adept at catching kids selling lemonade – get this – WITHOUT A LICENSE!!

And they are extremely adept at evaluating, and ruling on even more serious situations so that you can sleep easy. A couple of years ago in Canada, a schizophrenic man beheaded a sleeping, fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Fair enough. Then, a couple of weeks ago,  his psychiatrist, Dr. Steven Kremer, told the review board, which looks annually at the killer’s case that his patient is on medication and experiencing no symptoms or hallucinations. Assessments of his condition conclude that he has only a 0.8 per cent chance of re-offending in the next seven years. Accordingly he should gradually be taken out into the public so he can eventually be released. That’s a 0.8 chance of re-offending. Not 0.7, or 8.3. 0.8. Exactly1 in 1250 chances in the next seven years. Don’t you hope you’re not number 1250? This psychiatrist is a true technocrat –  an essential cog in the gears of the nanny state. Climate technocrats tell us the earth will warm 1 to 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 100 years, but they can’t tell me if their will be any overnight frost for the rest of May. Sleep well; they are watching out for you!

Nanny statists also believe they can put your money to better use than you can. Which is why your bridges are falling down, and your country is mired in a debt which cannot be paid in your lifetime. This is also why, someday, your grandchildren will hate you.

Anyway, back to progressives. Since mid 1960s, “Progressives” have more or less had the run of the place. So have we have we moved from a less desirable society to a more desirable society? Certainly, progress has been made on racial discrimination. That is a good thing. And women are free to work at almost any career they choose. “Thank Betty Freidan and Helen “hear me roar” Reddy − free at last!!”

But it doesn’t end there.  Women are now EXPECTED to work outside the home. If they decide to bypass the corporate world and run their home, – and as a married man I assure you they do; it is suggested that they aren’t working and are somehow betraying the sisterhood. Apparently, after all the heroic sacrifices made by the bra burners of the sixties, raising kids is no longer considered meaningful work. But not being able to raise kids without having to take a guilt trip does take a bit off the edge of the freedom thing.

In fact, we’ve progressed so far that in many cases women have no choice but to work outside the home.  Taxes (which are still not high enough to pay for the party, hence the debt), take a total of 42% from the income of the average Canadian family, and 30% from the average American family, and enough to live on has to come from somewhere. (Additionally, Americans have to pay their own health care insurance costs, or their company does. Canadians get “free” health care paid for by that extra 12% in tax, but have to wait 18 months for a hip transplant).

If these women have children, they often are placed in daycare which is publicly subsidized by the taxes Mom pays on the income she makes working outside the home. How progressive is that?! She gets to buy groceries with what’s left.

Or, put another way; taxpayer subsidized daycare is staffed by low paid childcare workers who replace the original childcare worker –Mom− who has to go out to work to pay taxes to support an endless list of government “benefits” including subsidized daycare, whether she and her husband want to use daycare, or not. Makes sense only if you’re a nanny statist or a bureaucrat.

So, do we need to stop and re-evaluate? Are my granddaughters freer than their great grandmother who died in March, age 91?  Have we progressed to a more desirable place?   I’ll let you decide, but my mother would say: “Definitely not!”

Below is a link to a Canadian take on nanny statism. It’s 20 minutes, but at the end of it you will understand that nanny statism has overrun western society like dandelions or kudzu. And, like dandelions and kudzu, it won’t go away without a lot of hard, and sustained, work.

Going back for our future.


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IWUZ thinking about the problem with words in the English language; and lo, (behold) (see) (like), there are many. (That’s a progression from old English to new- like, English y’know). But cows also low. And we sometimes feel low. To someone whose native tongue is something simple like Chinese or Nguni, English must be terribly confusing.

After the American Revolution, Noah Webster of dictionary fame, Jefferson, Franklin, and others tried to simplify English, including making the spelling of words more phonetic. Wimmin for women didn’t make it. (Rabid feminists want still want that one because it eliminates the men. Seriously. Colour did become color in the US but it is still colour in England and either one in Canada. But those are minor aberrations.

Here’s what progress used to mean; “the development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than, and superior to, the previous level”; or, “movement toward a more desirable position from a less desirable position”.  That’s a good thing. Of course the opposite is regress. The implication is backward movement, or “to revert to an earlier or less advanced state or form”. That’s a bad thing.

In an election year “progressive” is a big word. “She is a progressive”. “This is a progressive piece of legislation”. Nanny statists have co-opted the word, and it is now attached to anything that will allow the government to take more of your money, and then send a portion back to you with instructions on how to use it.

Of course if you’re not a Progressive, then you must a Regressive. And who would vote for a Regressive, or support a regressive piece of legislation?

The person most credited with changing Canadian political thinking from “we can afford the deficits and debt”, to; “deficits and debt are ruining us”, and even worse for a politician; “running a deficit might get you kicked out of office”; was a politician named Preston Manning. Manning was a preacher’s son, wore glasses, and wasn’t a spellbinding orator. He was caricatured as Mr. Regressive.

But beginning in the 1980’s, Mr. Manning began to warn of the ruination facing Canada if it didn’t get its fiscal house in order. His message was;”We are digging ourselves into a debt hole; we have to stop digging”. He was jeered at and nicknamed Parson Manning; his hairstyle was mocked, his voice was mocked, his message was mocked; but, in the early 1990s Canada’s debt rating was lowered, (sound familiar), and the Wall Street Journal called Canada an honorary member of the Third World. At the time, Canada’s deficit to Gross Domestic Product Level was 6%. The US deficit to GDP is now at 10%.

So; ARE WE THERE YET? Or is it time for; “movement toward a more desirable position from a less desirable position”; in other words, progress instead of progressivism?

(continued next week)

Going back for our future.  Dave

Alberta Politics Politics US Politics

Wha Hoppen? or, That wasn’t easy!

 IWUZ listening to the coverage of the Alberta   election, and the theme of every commentary on every network was; “What happened?”
What happened was that the conservative Wildrose Party, which every pundit, pollster and prognosticator in the land had predicted would win big, was blown out by the “Progressive” Conservatives, or as I call them; the Purportedly Conservatives.
There are lessons here, for true conservatives everywhere.
1. Even if people want change, they don’t want it all at once.
2. The best defense still, is a good offense. During one debate, Danielle Smith, leader of Wildrose said that, “climate science isn’t settled”, and the debate should be monitored. The boos, and catcalls were instantaneous.
A few days before, 49 NASA scientists and former astronauts had said exactly the same thing; i.e., that the science is not settled. By not being properly briefed, or because of the exhaustion of the campaign, Ms. Smith missed a golden opportunity to point out that if NASA scientists were disputing global warming alarm-ism, then empirically, the scientific debate is not over.
3. Try to keep your people who have, or are likely to make extreme comments, out of the limelight. One former pastor / Wildrose candidate; had commented a year before, as a pastor, that practicing homosexuals were going to burn in hell. I would suspect that the pastor was practicing well above his pay grade. But whether you agree with his belief or not; that is an extreme comment to pack in your luggage when you head to the political arena.
4. Don’t expect media coverage to be balanced. Another Wildrose candidate, a Mr. Leech, who was running in an ethnically diverse community, said that, as a Caucasian he was better able to represent all the people than someone who was identified with a visible minority group. He was pilloried. He apologized profusely but it was too late. He had been “exposed!”
Muhammad Rasheed, a “Progressive” candidate was recorded saying that his area is “demographic, and very different”, and people there want “someone like them” representing them in the legislature. Of course he was making exactly the same point as Mr. Leech, just in a different way, and with a different conclusion. Both were actually telling the truth. But there was total silence from the mainstream media regarding Mr. Rasheed. Why the difference? Politicians seen as driving resolutely down the left shoulder of the road with an occasion lurch into the left ditch will get an automatic pass. Get used to it conservatives.
However, there are many things conservatives can and must do leading up to and during elections; and even more critically, between elections, to begin to change the zeitgeist. One place to start is to insist on correctly defining the words we use in our debates, and even more importantly, to define ourselves or the left will be happy to do it for us. In the next blog I’d like to find out what you think of when you hear that someone or some idea is; “progressive”. La di da!
Going back, for our future