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I used the word nanny statist in my last blog, and someone suggested that I should define it. A nanny statist is someone who believes that the state   and its bureaucracy can manage your affairs better than you. They are convinced, and they want you to be convinced, that they are there to protect you from harm. AURORA, Colo. […]


IWUZ thinking about the problem with words in the English language; and lo, (behold) (see) (like), there are many. (That’s a progression from old English to new- like, English y’know). But cows also low. And we sometimes feel low. To someone whose native tongue is something simple like Chinese or Nguni, English must be terribly […]

Wha Hoppen? or, That wasn’t easy!

 IWUZ listening to the coverage of the Alberta   election, and the theme of every commentary on every network was; “What happened?” What happened was that the conservative Wildrose Party, which every pundit, pollster and prognosticator in the land had predicted would win big, was blown out by the “Progressive” Conservatives, or as I call them; […]