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Wha Hoppen? or, That wasn’t easy!

 IWUZ listening to the coverage of the Alberta   election, and the theme of every commentary on every network was; “What happened?”
What happened was that the conservative Wildrose Party, which every pundit, pollster and prognosticator in the land had predicted would win big, was blown out by the “Progressive” Conservatives, or as I call them; the Purportedly Conservatives.
There are lessons here, for true conservatives everywhere.
1. Even if people want change, they don’t want it all at once.
2. The best defense still, is a good offense. During one debate, Danielle Smith, leader of Wildrose said that, “climate science isn’t settled”, and the debate should be monitored. The boos, and catcalls were instantaneous.
A few days before, 49 NASA scientists and former astronauts had said exactly the same thing; i.e., that the science is not settled. By not being properly briefed, or because of the exhaustion of the campaign, Ms. Smith missed a golden opportunity to point out that if NASA scientists were disputing global warming alarm-ism, then empirically, the scientific debate is not over.
3. Try to keep your people who have, or are likely to make extreme comments, out of the limelight. One former pastor / Wildrose candidate; had commented a year before, as a pastor, that practicing homosexuals were going to burn in hell. I would suspect that the pastor was practicing well above his pay grade. But whether you agree with his belief or not; that is an extreme comment to pack in your luggage when you head to the political arena.
4. Don’t expect media coverage to be balanced. Another Wildrose candidate, a Mr. Leech, who was running in an ethnically diverse community, said that, as a Caucasian he was better able to represent all the people than someone who was identified with a visible minority group. He was pilloried. He apologized profusely but it was too late. He had been “exposed!”
Muhammad Rasheed, a “Progressive” candidate was recorded saying that his area is “demographic, and very different”, and people there want “someone like them” representing them in the legislature. Of course he was making exactly the same point as Mr. Leech, just in a different way, and with a different conclusion. Both were actually telling the truth. But there was total silence from the mainstream media regarding Mr. Rasheed. Why the difference? Politicians seen as driving resolutely down the left shoulder of the road with an occasion lurch into the left ditch will get an automatic pass. Get used to it conservatives.
However, there are many things conservatives can and must do leading up to and during elections; and even more critically, between elections, to begin to change the zeitgeist. One place to start is to insist on correctly defining the words we use in our debates, and even more importantly, to define ourselves or the left will be happy to do it for us. In the next blog I’d like to find out what you think of when you hear that someone or some idea is; “progressive”. La di da!
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Hey, Dave, Finally getting a bit caught up here. Actually, one of the things I liked about Danielle Smith was her willingness to defend Pastor Loosecannon’s right to ‘beak off’ in public. She still lives in a free democracy. Does Pastor — sorry, Premier — Redford?

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