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IWUZ talking to a friend of mine the other day. His wife has a bone chip in her knee; she needs an operation to have it removed, but, before she can have surgery, she needs an MRI. Waiting time for an MRI? Who knows?

Under Canada’s “best in the world, (according to the left- wingers), free, government paid for, well actually taxpayer paid for, system It could be two weeks or six months. So she’s bought a cane so she can get around and function while she waits. (You can pay $700 and have it done privately. That drives the left-wingers nutser.)

Will this waiting cost the system less? Not unless she dies, and that’s not likely from a gimpy knee. It will in fact cost the system a lot more; her lost productivity, doctor’s visits, and complications. But she bears the pain. She got screwed by one of the two worst health care systems in the developed world.

So, what about the best in the world, (according to the right-wingers), American system? Well, if you have lots of money, or an employer who provides a good insurance plan, you’re home free.

But if you are uninsured, or you are working for a business that goes broke, or you are laid off, (millions were in the last downturn); and a week after you lose insurance coverage you have a heart attack; it might cost you $150,000 just to stay alive.

You’re in your mid 50s, 10 years from Social security; your net worth has been reduced from $500,000 to $350,000, (tough to retire on); you’re unable to return to work, so you have no way to bring it back up. In fact you have to draw on the $350,000 for the next ten years until Social Security kicks in. You have been a tax paying, hard working, patriotic American, but you just got screwed by one of the worst health care systems in the developed world.

Whose systems are the best? Well, first let’s clear away some mythology. Canada does not have a purely public system. It is in fact about 40% privately funded and delivered. And the American, Mom and apple pie, private, free enterprise system? It’s actually about 40% public, and if you’re on welfare, or over 65, lucky you!

In Australia and New Zealand and many European countries; (I know, it’s hard to contemplate Europeans getting anything right); both sides have stopped posturing long enough to ensure that the taxpayers, through their government, collectively insure that no one is ruined by catastrophic health care costs. But anyone can buy additional, private insurance if they wish, or simply pay out of their pocket.

For any government, shouldn’t the point of health care be only about what is best for all its citizens? Canada and the US are both long overdue for an adult conversation on health care.

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Soooo … what if your friend with the bone chip was a lead scorer for the Flames? I suppose your conversation would have been something like; ” Ya, found out I had a bone chip in my knee. Went to see the doctor yesterday and he took it out. ” You would have thought … ” Thank the good Lord for our first class medical system!” If only all our friends were professional hockey players! Sigh …. where does that ‘bone chip in your
knee ‘ line start?

What shall I say! A knee replacement in Jan. Carpal tunnel in later half of March, Hip replacement end of April, and today carpal tunnel on my other hand. I am on social assistance. I am not sure what I deserve to be treated like this except that I don’t take NO for an answer.

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