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IWUZ reading my last blog which I suppose is quite narcissistic. It’s just that I’m going to be 70 next birthday, and I don’t want to start repeating myself. But, (to repeat myself), here’s what I said at the end of my last blog.

“So, if in fact what America does need, is someone who understands that a change in direction is critical; and someone who might actually have the know-how to accomplish it; then, on November 6 American voters could not have a clearer choice.”

Now, in spite of an outcome promising more of the change that 48% of Americans don’t believe in, (nor do I); I’m thinking that maybe it’s for the best.

Simply changing the occupant of the White House is a bit like installing new tires on a badly damaged car. Unless you intend to rebuild the whole thing it’s a pointless expense. That’s the message of the “six billion dollar blizzard of BS” election campaign; “No significant change from Washington.”

I think it’s pretty clear that forcing a movement towards smaller government must come directly from individuals and families; communities and businesses; who can say to all politicians, with one voice; “Stop! We will not mortgage our children’s and grandchildren’s futures any further”. But how do you get the voices together?

For the past year I have been working on a project called “The Let’s Do It Ourselves Movement”; (LDIO™.org). LDIO™ will be dedicated to encouraging and celebrating stories of self-reliance as practiced by individuals, families, and communities.

LDIO™ will also spotlight, and call to account; politicians who create laws and bureaucracies that run roughshod over the rights, aspirations, and bank accounts of ordinary citizens. Our objective is to provide a platform from which the encroachment of the nanny-state can be halted, and reversed.

With the vast array of communication tools now available; we can educate, encourage, and empower those who already believe that a rollback in the size of government is overdue. We can also inspire others to join us who may be apathetic, or just discouraged.

We used to just assume individual and community self-reliance; our ancestors certainly did. They accomplished important tasks by working together – with no government advice or financial assistance required! Millions still aspire to do the same; and we want to nurture and assist them, and celebrate their accomplishments.  

Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Our definition of insanity is: Complain- but do nothing, and hope for change.

We have our web designers working on Phase 1 of the website, and we are currently aiming for a January roll-out  More details coming in the next blogs.

Let’s go back for our future!


There is some interesting post-election analysis in this New York Times piece by Ross Douthat.