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No, I haven’t become beautiful all of a sudden. We have a guest blog from a mom, and a teacher, and a very good writer. It’s longer than our blogs usually are; but it is well worth sitting down with a cuppa something, and reading through, at least once. You will probably read it often. […]


IWUZ driving to the store to buy a video camera when I flipped on the radio and heard;  ——“gunman is dead”. I hoped it was an update on an old case; but it wasn’t. I have eight grandchildren, and although they are all older than the children at Sandy Hook school; some are the same age as […]

Lawyers + politicians + bureaucrats = CONFUSION

Well, it’s all over. Alberta’s Premier, Alison Redford has been cleared of any conflict of interest; and of misleading the legislative assembly regarding her role in awarding the lawyering contract for a ten billion dollar lawsuit against the tobacco industry. Gene Zwozdesky, her party colleague and House Speaker, has ruled that her declaration that she […]