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Uncle Sam finds oil under under the Maple Leaf

The Keystone XL Pipeline is truly a big deal, both for Canada and the United States. The Keystone will carry oil from the Canadian oil sands, and, from North Dakota, to the Gulf Coast for refining. It will reduce American dependence on offshore oil. Some Hollywood actors and professional agitators are wildly opposed. NASA’s former top climate “scientist”, James Hansen, has been arrested four […]

Great quick reads, and the LDIO™ project is stirring to life!

This week, rather than a regular blog, I am providing links to a couple of articles by prominent writers. Each be read in  5 minutes or less, but they’ll keep you thinking far longer than that! One is by the Pulitzer Prize winning, Washington Post writer, Kathleen Parker, who discusses the increase in the number of child-free couples. This is a […]

Za Terminator is baaack!

“Ve got to westoah za climate!!”  That’s Arnold the Terminator, about ten years ago. At the time I remember asking someone: “Restore it to what exactly? Cold as The Little Ice Age? Farming in Greenland like during the Middle Ages?” This year, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Montana, filming a documentary purporting to show that climate change is […]

Teaching moments

Trayvon Martin’s parent are enduring what I cannot, nor do I ever want to have to contemplate. However, when President Obama says that Trayvon: “could have been me”, he should also acknowledge that it is far more likely that he could have been one of thousands of black youth killed by other black youth. In […]

Hell and High Water

You may have heard that we’ve had some high water in Calgary. Well, we certainly have. Nearly 100,000 people were forced from their homes when heavy rain in the foothills west of here, and at higher elevations in the still snow filled Rockies, caused major flooding in the Bow River watershed. High River is a […]

Food Fight!

Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty. How’s that for a headline? It seems that some of those independent Yankees up in New England have decided that the nanny-state has nanny-ed enough. Sedgwick passed an ordinance that gives its citizens the right “to produce, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing,” regulations be damned. The […]


Our LDIO™ website is live! As many of you know, I’ve spent the last year and a half researching; engaging a web design company; writing copy (with 15 or 20 revisions each); shooting the initial videos; (learning how to write a script and then speak on camera – definitely a work in progress); raising the […]

I was going to make a comment about immigration this week, but I got this blog from the always worth reading, Dat Nguyen. I think Dat’s blog is about immigration.  Be sure an watch the video link first, before you read the questions he raises. Also, please note that there is not one hint of the […]


“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Every time there is a horrifying incident like Sandy Hook; the embers of the gun debate are stirred and poked at, until the fire flares. Then it dies down […]