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As many of you know, I’ve spent the last year and a half researching; engaging a web design company; writing copy (with 15 or 20 revisions each); shooting the initial videos; (learning how to write a script and then speak on camera – definitely a work in progress); raising the initial capital to get the website built; etc., etc… all leading to the launch of the Let’s Do It Ourselves Movement.

Our producer, Russell Moore, has over 15 years experience in film production; both in news, and in movie making. He is one of that rare species; a Hollywood conservative.

Cindy Davidson is our researcher, and she is  cataloging backup data for those of you who like to dig. She is also teaching me Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Steep learning curve happening!

Like many – I’d guess most of you- I believe government is involved in far too many areas of our lives. We pay too much in taxes, but even then it’s not enough – witness our massive government debt. More importantly, our reliance on the nanny-state  depletes our character, and demoralizes us.

I don’t believe in “no government”. I just believe  in responsible, necessary government. Government that is, in Abraham Lincoln’s words: “by the people, and for the people”.

Be sure to visit the JOIN LDIO page on the website. WE NEED MEMBERS! Our ability to influence our society and our politicians will grow along with our membership roster.

And we are in the midst of raising the second round of capital so we can complete the back end of the website. The more members we have, the easier that task becomes.

If you share our vision of building stronger, more self-reliant families and communities, please visit

We appreciate your feedback; and your ideas for future stories to cover. Please send us stories of your family or your community, Doing It Yourselves!

We absolutely can reverse the slide into nanny-statism, and regain the best of the past, including an attitude of self-reliance. At the same time, we, can look after each other and our neighbors who truly need assistance.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged us thus far.  We are just getting started!


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P.S. Allison Diaz is a blogger extraordinaire. She is a writer extraordinaire. Her transparency is shocking. Her family’s story will inspire you. It will make you think. For a view into determination, faith and sheer guts, it would be hard to beat her blog at

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