Great quick reads, and the LDIO™ project is stirring to life!

Dave 07This week, rather than a regular blog, I am providing links to a couple of articles by prominent writers. Each be read in  5 minutes or less, but they’ll keep you thinking far longer than that!

One is by the Pulitzer Prize winning, Washington Post writer, Kathleen Parker, who discusses the increase in the number of child-free couples. This is a transnational story by a gifted American writer.

The second is a commentary called: “It’s all about Hillary”, from Canada’s own – well actually Newfoundland’s own – inimitable, Rex Murphy. His take on the Clinton’s third run for the White House is vintage Rex. Red State Americans will love this! Watch out for the subtle zingers.

Meanwhile, at Let’s Do It Ourselves, we are working on a luncheon for next month at the Manning Centre (Center) in Calgary. The Centre focuses on equipping candidates and election workers to campaign more effectively. One of their goals is a “deliberative citizenry”. I like that!

Anyway, this “Discovering Conservatives” luncheon is a significant step forward for our movement, as a number of key, conservative, thinkers and doers, will be in attendance. Almost everyone supports more individual and community self-reliance, and a smaller and more efficient government; but how do we get it?

I believe that part of the answer is to create a structure through which individuals and groups can work together. We’re going to have to work together if we wish to effectively educate people, and promote and practice self-reliance; and if we wish to effectively combat overreaching bureaucracy, and government waste.

Secondly, we must use every internet and social media tool available, to present small c, common sense conservatism, in an accurate way, to the millions of Undiscovered Conservatives. For some reason, it appears that the left wing media has no interest in doing it for us!

I’ve been waiting for the right time to make an appeal for you to become members of Let’s Do It Ourselves. Now would be a great time! Please go to our website at and on the Join LDIO™ page, make a choice to become a monthly, annual, or lifetime member. (A monthly membership is about one coffee a week at McDonalds)

Sincere thanks to those who have already joined! We’ve spent over a year and a half developing the long term plan, and the foundational website structure for this project. Going forward, we intend to have a wide variety of individuals present the weekly videos, rather than just me. (I prefer to cause disruption in the background.)

Please, encourage your friends, colleagues, and contacts to join LDIO™. There is strength in numbers. In fact for an organization like LDIO™, strength is all about numbers.

Smaller government and more self-reliance. Let’s Do It Ourselves!

Thanks to all of you for your support. We can do this Margie!