I am not Charlie Hebdo

I’m not Charlie Hebdo.
For the past week, the Paris based satirical magazine, whimsically named “Charlie Hebdo,” has been on a roll. The magazine’s usual print run is about 60,000 copies; this week in cooperation with numerous other publishing firms, it intends to run 1 million copies. Ever since Muslim terrorists slaughtered several of its journalists and cartoonists, as well as several Jewish patrons at a delicatessen, politicians, newspaper pundits, and millions of the general public have been saying: “I’m Charlie Hebdo.”
Well I’m not. I’m not against satire, even vicious, distasteful satire. But some of the satire run by Charlie Hebdo magazine goes far beyond good taste; venturing well past legitimate satire into the realm of outrageousness for outrageousness sake. When you take satire to that point, it becomes pointless.
So no, I’m not Charlie Hebdo. But I will do everything I can and support every other effort in any way that I can to ensure that Charlie Hebdo and others of its ilk can continue to publish whatever garbage they decide to, provided they don’t call for violence against their targets. Because if I don’t support them, who is going to support me when my right to defend and act upon my own beliefs comes under attack? Some in our society are intent on expunging every trace of religion – especially Christianity – from public life. I’m a Christian, so freedom of speech and freedom of religion are important to me. At the very least, I would like to be tolerated.
Tolerance is not affirmation of, or support for, things you find distasteful or obnoxious. Tolerance is being willing to put up with someone or something that you vehemently disagree with, or find distasteful or obnoxious. Because, for sure, your ideas or lifestyle are distasteful or obnoxious to someone else.
So I am perfectly willing to tolerate publications like Charlie Hebdo. I support their right to publish. And I deplore the depraved mentality that justified killing its staff, simply for being offensive.
But don’t call me Charlie.

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Hi Dave: excellent article ….I totally agree with your comments. Tolerance is agreeing to disagree and moving on. The violence we have just seen in Paris has been perpetrated by very sick people who don’t understand, and unfortunately never will, the meaning of tolerance and freedom of speech and beliefs.

Dave, I have missed you!
– I was totally unimpressed with the cartoons that started this all, but like the guy selling cigarettes in NYC, I didn’t see the act as justification for a death sentence.
– I too find it offensive when people use the actions of intolerant Muslims to justify vilifying all religions. There are far too many people today who are willing to censor (or worse) people for race, religion, politics, wealth (or lack thereof) etc. It seems we are heading back into a golden era of intolerance that right-minded people must stand up to.
– The positive of Charlie Hebdo is that so many people have reacted so strongly to say this is not acceptable. My question is where were they before the walks this weekend? Intolerance doesn’t only get manifest from the end of a gun, and too many are suffering too much for equally weak-minded reasons for hatred.

Hi Kevin
Thanks for the comment!
I hope to get back to weekly blogging this year, and I immensely appreciate response; positive or negative.
How are things in the sunny, warm, tropical, balmy … I have to stop or I’ll cry … Caribbean?
Hi to Francine.

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