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Springbank Dry Dam?? Nope. Wet Dam, Mud Hole, & Dust Bowl.

3 years ago I published a blog about the highly controversial  flood mitigation project, the Springbank Dry Dam. (SBD) Here it is again, with some updates. In the fall of 2014, to great fanfare and just before the Alberta provincial by-elections, the PC government announced the Springbank Dry Dam (SBD); an Elbow River flood mitigation […]

The Debaters

IWUZ watching Alberta’s political party leader’s debate last week and I agree with the consensus; Rachel Notley won. But Jim Prentice got it exactly right: we can’t keep doing things the way we have been in the past; we need less arrogance and more integrity in government, and we need a plan. The only problem […]

Trying to fix health care is stupid??

A few days ago I wrote a blog criticizing the Calgary Herald’s unbalanced coverage of the party leaders in the Alberta election; particularly the fact that the Herald apparently believed the Wildrose had pretty much dropped out of the race. Six or eight of you sent me a note saying you had contacted the Herald, […]

Wildrose drops out of race! – well, apparently the Calgary Herald think so.

I subscribe to the Calgary Herald, but I’m not sure for how much longer. I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I tend to have mostly conservative views, and that means that I hope that the Wildrose does well in the upcoming Alberta election. But I think for a major local daily paper […]

Why an Election Now?

 IWUZ thinking about the state of Alberta politics. Here we are a week into a Alberta election that was scheduled for the spring of 2016 and it’s only April of 2015! You never know with Alberta politics! But I suppose we should know. We have a fixed date election law, passed by the Progressive Conservatives […]

Indiana Pizza Parlor Remodels!

Indiana passed a law last week, and since then, Indiana has been reviled, mocked, and boycotted. And what is the uproar about? According to Stanford law Professor Bernadette Meyer, the law appeared to be aimed at allowing companies to discriminate against same-sex couples or gay people. She said: “I am disturbed when that articulation of […]