Wildrose drops out of race! – well, apparently the Calgary Herald think so.

Dave 07I subscribe to the Calgary Herald, but I’m not sure for how much longer. I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I tend to have mostly conservative views, and that means that I hope that the Wildrose does well in the upcoming Alberta election.

But I think for a major local daily paper to do its job properly they must cover all the major parties with reasonable balance; that would include the NDP, the PCs, the Liberals, and yes, the Wildrose. But so far in this campaign, the Herald’s coverage of the Wildrose has been a fraction of that given to the PCs and the NDP, and today, Monday, April 20, the Wildrose has almost entirely disappeared from the pages of the Calgary Herald. I found one brief article; no pictures.

So far in this campaign, the Herald has run numerous photos of Jim Prentice making grand announcements in front of staged backdrops, while most of the photos of Wildrose Leader Brian Jean have been head shots. In today’s paper, big spreads on the PCs and the NDP, but Wildrose; nothing.

A couple of days before the vote in the 2011 election, the Calgary Herald ran a commentary by Paula Arab that was one of the most blatantly biased and unbalanced pieces of journalism that I have read in 60 years. In it she speculated about a still unelected Edmonton Wildrose candidate (who lost in the election) becoming Education Minister, and that gay bashing might somehow becoming acceptable in Alberta’s school curriculum. The article was so absurdly unbalanced that you could almost conclude that the writer was unbalanced.

So is the Calgary Herald planning to do the same thing this go around? If you’re not okay with that, here is a quick link to the Calgary Herald’s editor.

Click on it and say: Once again you are embarrassing yourselves again by your blatant bias in covering an Alberta election campaign. Get some balance, or we’ll cancel.

If you do that – it will takes less than 60 seconds –  and you get your family, friends and colleagues to do it, the Herald will get the message.

Of course if we don’t do it, there will be no change. And we can’t complain.

One reply on “Wildrose drops out of race! – well, apparently the Calgary Herald think so.”

Well said Dave,
We have noticed the total bias in coverage. We have kept daily clippings. One would think this was a race between the Conservatives and the NDP!
It’s time the Herald developed some balance or we’re out after 50+ years of subscribing.
Cecil and Inge

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