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Two days after last week’s NDP Party (socialist) win in Alberta, Andrew Coyne of the National Post wrote an article called: “Alberta never really was all that conservative.” The subtext was: “The left is winning.” I’m afraid he’s right. Now I don’t believe that NDP Leader Rachel Notley is a wild eyed Communist; in fact […]

Socialism Remembered Response

May 5, 2015.    When I wrote and posted my personal blog last Friday, I wasn’t remotely prepared for the outcome. We have had hundreds of comments. The activity on Facebook has been overwhelming. When I wrote the blog I intended -as I always try to do – to respond individually to each comment. That […]

Socialism remembered II

I hadn’t planned to do another blog until after the Alberta election, but there’s been such an overwhelming response to SOCIALISM REMEMBERED that I felt that I needed to make a couple of comments today. First of all, a profound thank you to all of those who forwarded the links to this blog by email, […]

Socialism Remembered

June, 2015   I lived in Saskatchewan from 1945 until 1975. During most of that time, the province was ruled by the socialist CCF, now called NDP. Their rule continued, with brief interruptions, until 2007 when the small c conservatives of the Saskatchewan Party took over. On the other hand, from 1945 until 1971 Alberta was […]