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Socialism Remembered Response

Dave 07

May 5, 2015.    When I wrote and posted my personal blog last Friday, I wasn’t remotely prepared for the outcome. We have had hundreds of comments. The activity on Facebook has been overwhelming. When I wrote the blog I intended -as I always try to do – to respond individually to each comment. That will be quite impossible, so I am going to do it in the form of a mini blog.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your comments, even from those that think I’m a greedy capitalist just trying to protect my wealth. I’m not. My wife still operates a home cleaning business because we are not wealthy – financially. We are however, wealthy in many other important ways.

My blog was simply to relate my personal experience and observation from having grown up and lived in Saskatchewan. I still have many family and friends there, and almost universally, they agree with my sentiments.

There seems to have been some misapprehension regarding my feelings about the PC party of Alberta. I think that it is a party that is arrogant, entitled, and objectively incompetent.

Regarding Saskatchewan; during the 63 years from 1944 until 2007, 47 were under NDP rule. Many of you told me that Alberta succeeded because it was blessed with oil. So was Saskatchewan.

About 35 years ago I saw a map that showed where known oil reserves lay beneath the soil of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and beside it a map showing the current level of development. The extent of oilfield development on the Alberta side of the border dropped by about 75% -in a straight line – on the Saskatchewan side. It was a stark illustration of why Alberta had prospered and Saskatchewan had not. Alberta encouraged development; Saskatchewan stood in the way of development, and that applied to most economic activity.

But here’s the main point. To those of you who say that life was better in Saskatchewan, I ask: “Why did tens of thousands of people move from Saskatchewan to Alberta?” The simple fact is that the opportunities were in Alberta.

You might not be particularly worried about opportunity. Instead, you might like a more “certain” lifestyle with the government involved in your life from cradle-to-grave. But the fact is that the vast majority wanted opportunity. I hope the vast majority still do.

Now get out and vote!

4 replies on “Socialism Remembered Response”

I won’t reply or discuss the entire article about “Socialism Remembered” but I did notice that you wrote nothing about the Medicare and Social programs which started mainly in Saskatchewan with the CCF/NDP Tommy Douglas. Conservative John Diefenbaker liked it, took it to Ottawa. Liberal Pearson liked it too, and all of them persuaded all the provinces and all Parties to adopt Medicare across Canada. Now no one wants to give up those benefits. Otherwise I am not partisan at all, because my background is independent journalism for radio, television and some articles in newspapers. I certainly admire your very clearly written account of the Saskatchewan and Alberta political history. — I learned several things from your article. —Best Wishes and Blessings, Elsie Rempel

Hi Elsie
Our problem with Medicare– as it operates now – is we can’t afford it. The trends clearly show that within a very few decades we will be spending more on Medicare than our entire national budget. Obviously that doesn’t work.
What we need to do is what they did in Sweden which is retain the publicly funded system so that no one falls through the cracks, but also allow private insurance and private delivery. In fact the largest hospital in Malmo Sweden is private, for-profit. Government monopolies always lead to lineups. Private monopolies always lead to high prices which under most circumstances will bring more competition into the market.

the Federal NDP were behind bringing in Federal health care, CPP, Old Age Security, and many other policies that are very important to everyday Canadians. Diefenbaker killed the Avro Arrow to appease the US Aviation Industry. The auto industry is being shut down to due to new TPP Trade Agreement, The Diary Industry will be badly hurt by these rules, the prescription medication will now become higher, all this takes away money for other bills to survive on everyday. Canadians need to have an income from employment here in our country. The right wing governments have always sold off natural resources to foriegn countries to give up royalties which rightly belonged to the people of the provinces and the country on the whole. People shut read my view before Moday when they vote. I believe they would have their eyes opened. The NDP is not an enemy of the Canadian Nation. They are the supporters who fight for everyones rights and their well beings. I am very open and honest about what I stated on hear. Thank you for reading the truth from another view. Voting is the most important part we alll have to carry out on October 19, 2015. May the best party form Government.

I can’t respond to all your points but the root cause of the Canadian auto industries problems is unionized workers making six figures to watch robots. That, and Ontario Liberal so-called environmental policy driving the cost of energy through the roof.
Supply management in the dairy industry means that Canadian families have to pay nearly double for milk and ice cream and cheese, because dairy farmers have to pay over $30,000 per cow just to get a piece of paper that says that they can milk the cow and sell the milk. Do you think that makes sense?
I don’t think the NDP are enemies of the Canadian nation. I just think that they appear to be enemies of reality.
And I never cut or paste people’s comments. I either approve them or not, and sometimes I reply.

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