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Dave 07

Two days after last week’s NDP Party (socialist) win in Alberta, Andrew Coyne of the National Post wrote an article called: “Alberta never really was all that conservative.” The subtext was: “The left is winning.”

I’m afraid he’s right. Now I don’t believe that NDP Leader Rachel Notley is a wild eyed Communist; in fact I think she’s probably a very nice person, although she does have some serious lefties in her crew including one enthusiastic Hugo Chavez fan. Chavez was the Venezuelan leader (now deceased) whose socialistic policies reduced his oil rich nation’s potential to become a very wealthy country, to one where people – particularly the poor – lineup for hours for the basic necessities of life. The cause, government monopoly, is the same as the one behind why Canadians line up for knee replacements and Americans line up at the post office.

But the fact is that Western democracies have been drifting left for many decades. The social programs begun to help the truly needy during the Depression in the 1930s became “entitlement” programs in the 1960s. In Canada, the left under Pierre Trudeau called it building: “The Just Society.” In the United States, Lyndon Johnson called his: “The Great Society.” The result has been neither just, nor great.

Entitlement societies have enslaved millions in welfare dependency. When you are born into a second or third generation welfare family, unless you are extremely gifted and ambitious, it is very difficult to break out of the cycle. Often, welfare pays better than getting a job and paying taxes.

Obviously it is the antithesis of progress to foster welfare dependency; yet the so-called “progressive” left carries on because it because it makes them feel good about themselves, and, garners votes.

50 years later both countries are deeply in debt; Canada to the tune of 600+ billion, and the United States to the tune of about 20 trillion. (On a per capita basis the US level is three times the Canadian level.) We are obviously not paying our way.

This is clearly immoral. I’m fortunate to have some really smart university students involved in developing the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community. We get together for planning meetings and at a recent breakfast, a young woman, a newcomer, up until now had been oblivious to political issues. So in the course of the discussion we asked her how she planned to manage the $20,000 debt that she’d have to begin paying off when she completed her studies.

She looked puzzled and said: “I don’t have any debt!” When we pointed out that her share of the Canadian federal debt was currently a little over $20,000, her jaw dropped.

We provided what comfort we could by telling her that an American student’s share of their federal debt is about $60,000.

For over 50 years we have drunk ever more deeply of the sweet (sounding) socialist Kool-Aid, and left-wing ideology has been winning. But our children and grandchildren aren’t winning, and the poor aren’t winning, and our aboriginal/native populations aren’t winning. The ones that are winning are the elites who are convinced that they are smarter than us, and more qualified than we are to run our own lives.

And of course China and the Middle East oil kingdoms, and the financial institutions that hold our debt are winning, because they will collect interest for decades. We’ve had a 50 year party and are leaving the bill for our kids.

How do we get this entitlement attitude turned around; begin to push back against government; and make restitution to our offspring? I believe that we must – as Mark Steyn put it: “begin the hard work of changing the culture, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

And how do we do that effectively and efficiently? By joining together as a community of individuals and groups who already believe in essential freedoms; property; speech; association; etc., and in smaller government and more self-reliance. Then we take our message to older generations with written articles; and younger generations with videos.

The Let’s Do It Ourselves (LDIO™) online community has been created to do exactly that.

You can become a member of our community for less than cost of a cup of coffee a week, and together we can build a reliably financed platform from which to express our ideas, and take action.

Go to our website at and let’s make our voices heard!

One reply on “THE LEFT IS WINNING!”

Hey, Dave, very insightful observations about our society’s apparent socialist aspirations culminating in a Notley victory. Don’t think we’ve been drifting though. Leftist educators have been pushing and/or intimidating for a couple generations rather. Their now-voting-age proteges hold as an article of faith that conservative = criminal. Enlightening the entitlement hordes must be undertaken but let’s be aware that it’s gonna be like trying to burn a U-turn in a combine. Their pride has been tickled and they’re addicted now. Maybe terminally.

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