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Sea Levels Rising? Move Higher!

Today, I’m re-posting a blog I wrote three years ago, about the complete lack of reality with which the left approached climate change. Since then, the left’s hysteria has increased, possibly because nothing that they predicted has come true, and they’ve decided to double down. It’s a typical left wing solution. Spending isn’t working? Spend […]

Mayor Nenshi and council: Here’s the money!

An open letter to Mayor Nenshi and Calgary City Council This spring, Calgary taxpayers received some welcome news! Your bureaucrats sent us our – on average – much larger property tax bill. But apparently you and the bureaucracy, by dint of much hard work and a line by line search for efficiencies, found $50 million in […]

Sage Grouse revisited

Last week we were back in the tiny community of Manyberries Alberta. The beleaguered ranchers and oilmen of that area have put together a promising new organization called Sustainable Canada. Great name and mission, but here’s what they’re up against. Ecojustice, a left-wing, richly financed offshoot of the Sierra Club, sued the Canadian government to place […]