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Sea Levels Rising? Move Higher!

Dave 07Today, I’m re-posting a blog I wrote three years ago, about the complete lack of reality with which the left approached climate change. Since then, the left’s hysteria has increased, possibly because nothing that they predicted has come true, and they’ve decided to double down. It’s a typical left wing solution. Spending isn’t working? Spend double.

In the blog, I gave numerous historical examples of radical climate change, and the fact that our ancestors adapted to it. I could give many more examples than I did. Here’s the blog.

Yes, the climate is changing, and, except for the last 20 years or so, it’s been getting warmer. But in fact, for millions of years, Earth’s climate has been in a continuous cycle of Inter-glacials, and Ice Ages. The most recent Ice Age reached its maximum extent about 18,000 years ago. Since then we have been in the inter-glacial part of this cycle.

We’re now probably living very close to the sweet spot of climactic cycles. Most of the ice from the last Ice Age has melted; sea levels are rising at a normal rate; once dangerously low CO2 (plant oxygen) levels are returning to where plant growth around the world is increasing significantly; the average human being is eating better than ever before in history; and energy from fossil fuels has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, and will continue to do so in spite of the manufactured hysteria about GLOBAL WARMING. And statistically, the frequency and severity of droughts and floods and tornadoes and hurricanes are a bit below average for this climate cycle.

So let’s condense the 18,000 years into 1 day. 750 years equals 1 hour, and 12.5 years equals one minute. For example, the Little Ice Age which lasted from about 1300 until 1850 AD, began about 1 hour ago, and ended 12 minutes ago.

18,000 years ago, North America as far south as Kentucky, and much of northern Europe and Asia were under a sheet of ice. You could have walked on the ice in a straight line from Boston to northern France. Here in Calgary, Canada, the ice was over a mile, or 1.6 kilometres thick! So much water was contained in the ice sitting on land, that sea levels were more than 100 meters (300 feet) below the present. Grand Banks.jpgThe Grand Banks of Newfoundland were dry land, but covered in ice!

Between midnight and 1 AM this morning, temperatures began to rise, and by 2 AM, serious melting had begun.

Civilization progressed slowly, and it wasn’t until 5:30 this afternoon that the construction of Stonehenge began. Off the southeast coast of England, our ancestors farmed “Doggerland”, an area that is now, at midnight, about 40 metres, or 130 feet below sea level. But when they were farming the area 8000 years ago, Doggerlanders could have walked from present day London to Amsterdam, on dry land.

Here are a couple of links–huge-undersea-kingdom-swamped-tsunami-5-500-years-ago.html

Post-Glacial_Sea_LevelThe melt continued, and by 6 PM, the  Columbia Ice Fields in the Canadian Rockies just west of here, had disappeared.

As sea levels rose, our Doggerland ancestors moved to higher ground. So did the aboriginals living east of what is now Cairns Australia. That flat plain is now home to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

Moving to higher ground was common sense to our ancestors, and while you can’t move Manhattan or Palm Beach, the point is that the climate has always changed, sea levels rise and fall, and that won’t change. Hopefully we’ll change our attitudes, and become humble and sensible enough to adapt.

At 10:30 PM (1000 years ago) Vikings were farming in Greenland. Then around 10:50 PM a sudden and severe cooling trend, now known as the Little Ice Age, forced them to abandon their farms. You can bet that Leif Erickson believed in climate change! Archaeologists are now using jackhammers to dig those abandoned Viking farm artifacts out of permafrost. Take a moment to connect the dots.

The Little Ice Age lasted about 50 minutes, from 10:50 this evening until about 11:40; or just 20 minutes ago. During its coldest extremes, crops failed and thousands starved. In London, the Thames river froze.Entire villages in the French and Swiss Alps were overrun by glaciers. Conferences were held into the 1930s, to discuss ways to mitigate the damage from advancing glaciers.

During the Little Ice Age, the Columbia Ice Fields reformed. and reached their greatest modern extent in 1850, or about 12 minutes ago. Europeans first saw them about 10 minutes ago, but then, 8 minutes ago, temperatures began to warm; the Little Ice Age began to end, and the Columbia Ice Fields again began to recede.

In the past 12 minutes, (150 years) the average global temperature has risen just over .75 of a degree Celsius. If we’re cooking, we’re cooking very slowly.

But, at about 11:57 PM, (1980), or just 3 minutes ago in our Ice Age Day, and at the end of a 30 year cool cycle which was severe enough to prompt scientists to begin warning of a New Ice Age, warming resumed. And fortuitously for the alarmists, that’s when satellites began to measure Arctic Sea Ice extent, (1979).

Now it should be obvious that as temperatures resumed their climb, Arctic sea ice extent would diminish. Yet most articles regarding Arctic sea ice extent include the deliberately misleading phrase: “ – lowest extent since satellite records began.” Does anyone actually believe that records with a starting point 3 minutes, (35 years) ago have anything meaningful to say about climate change?

None of the information I have cited have comes from computer models. It’s all hard data from the historical record, and we used to study much of it in school. You don’t have to be a climate scientist to figure out that global warming and climate change, and even radical climate disruption is nothing new. And contrary to the “97%” lie, there are thousands of scientists around the world that affirm exactly that.

There is archaeological evidence off coastlines around the world, that for thousands of years our unsophisticated ancestors adapted to rising sea levels by moving to higher ground. But left-wing fundamentalists now insist that the climate can be controlled. More likely, they see climate alarmism as a way that you can be controlled.

So how do we get common sense back into the conversation and counteract the ignorance, and governmental overreach? I believe that the only way to do that effectively, and on the required scale, is to produce fact based, audience targeted, information pieces, especially videos.

We then must use the power of social media and the Internet to deliver them to our friends, colleagues, employees, and especially, our children, and grandchildren; on their laptops, smart phones and tablets. Talk to your offspring. I talk to mine, and there isn’t a climate alarmist in the bunch.

The Let’s Do It Ourselves (LDIO™) online community has been created to facilitate conservative co-operation, contribution, and communication. Please help us in this endeavor by becoming a member of our community. For less than cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can become part of our project to build a reliably financed platform from which we can present the conservative perspective, on climate, government finance, and culture.

Please visit our website at and let’s work together to make our voices heard! Because we are going to have to, Do This Ourselves!

Thanks for reading!

Dave Reesor

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Mayor Nenshi and council: Here’s the money!

Dave 07

An open letter to Mayor Nenshi and Calgary City Council

This spring, Calgary taxpayers received some welcome news! Your bureaucrats sent us our – on average – much larger property tax bill. But apparently you and the bureaucracy, by dint of much hard work and a line by line search for efficiencies, found $50 million in savings over the next four years, or our tax bill would have been even higher.

12 ½ million dollars a year! Let’s see; out of a budget of 2.2 billion, that’s uuuummm – a little over one half of 1%. Suddenly I’m somewhat less excited, but again, thanks for the great effort. Now I’d like to contribute an idea for further savings that I’m sure that you and Council will be anxious to get right to work on.

Last fall I got an email from a friend. The thread is verbatim except where I removed a couple of sentences that were not on topic.

Hi Dave
Yesterday at the car show & shine a few of the guys were talking about an opening for a parts man with the City. (Calgary) They said it paid $33 or 52 X40 X $33 = $68,640 
Another guy added: “and the pretty nice pension in addition”.

That seems to me to be pretty fine pay for a parts man who 10 yrs. ago would make maybe $30,000.

Can you check on this with the auto supply person (ASP)that you know?

So I asked the ASP

“What is a good parts person worth?”


He said
“We recently lost a parts guy to the city (Calgary). I tried what I could to keep him but he told me it was “stupid” money they were offering him and could not say no. At the time we were paying him $23 per hour.

We now are paying $25 for our top guys that have been with us for over 6 years. We cannot compete with the city because of the wage, but the big thing is the pension.”

I then asked if the thread could be made public, and he said yes. So I did some more checking and the $33 an hour number for the City was accurate because it was on the City’s website. The industry standard at the time was $24-$25 an hour.

So, for partsmen at least, the City of Calgary is paying about 40% over industry standards, plus the usual gold-plated benefits and pension plan.

Calgary’s annual budget is about 2.2 billion and approximately half of that is wages and salaries, or $1.1 billion. So I  calculated that if Calgary pays its employees just 20% above industry standards it works out to over $200 million a year in excess wages .

Shortly thereafter, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, (CFIB), released a detailed study they had carried out in cities across Canada.

Their research showed that the City of Calgary is paying an average of 19% above industry standard  wages and benefits, or over $200 million per year.

It used to be that “civil servants” took a slightly lower wage to compensate for greater job security, and better benefits and pensions. Apparently those days are long gone; gone in Calgary by at least $200 million per year..

Calgary CounclSo your Worship, and Councillors; that now decidedly unimpressive $12.5 million per year that you’ve managed to scrape up is what you overpay city employees every three weeks. Overpaying with tax dollars collected from ordinary citizens, and ironically, small private companies that have to try to compete with the city for landscape labourers, and construction workers, and Zamboni drivers, and yes, partsmen.

Every five years, that’s a billion dollars of our money that you are wasting; money that could be used to pay for transit, infrastructure upgrades, maybe even useful signage for our roads.

Our 1.5 billion portion of the green line could be completely paid for in 8 years, instead of 30 years.

Could you please explain what you intend to do about this waste of tax dollars?

Very sincerely

Dave Reesor

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Sage Grouse revisited

Dave 07

Last week we were back in the tiny community of Manyberries Alberta. The beleaguered ranchers and oilmen of that area have put together a promising new organization called Sustainable Canada. Great name and mission, but here’s what they’re up against.

Ecojustice, a left-wing, richly financed offshoot of the Sierra Club, sued the Canadian government to place Sage Grouse on an endangered species list. Mainstream media cooperated by running headlines stating that Sage Grouse are in danger of extinction.

They’re not. There are at least 500,000 of them in the United States. They are only in danger of extinction, in Canada, but Canada is the extreme northern tip of their range. I’m quite sure that Sage Grouse have never recognized the Canadian/American border, and undoubtedly they have gone “extinct” in southern Alberta/Saskatchewan, several times since the peak of the last major Ice Age, 18,000 years ago. It’s certain that had moved much further south  when the area was under a mile of ice.

So what has caused the current decline in Canada? The most likely culprits are coyotes, foxes, and West Nile Virus. When I was a kid growing up near Consul, a village in extreme southwest Saskatchewan, we lived less than a half mile south of the community and an East/West railway line. About a mile west there was a branch line angling toward the southeast, and a municipal road that ran north and south on the east side of this small triangle.

Trains ran almost daily back then, and there were far more farmers, and more farming activity. But within that busy and noisy triangle, Sage Grouse mated and nested. In the 50s and 60s, I personally watched them strut and drum just west of our buildings.greater-sage-grouse2-brian-currie

Then, in the late 1960s, coyote fur went out of style, and coyote numbers skyrocketed. There had been sheep on our farm for nearly 60 years, and while coyotes always enjoyed an occasional easy meal, in the late 60s and early 70s our losses began to increase dramatically, until one year, nearly 140 sheep were destroyed by coyotes. (A few years later, after my brother had taken over the farm, he made the decision to quit raising sheep entirely. Coyotes were actually coming into the farmyard to make their kills.)

I’ll hazard a guess that coyotes like a varied diet, and Sage Grouse might be a nice change from mutton and gophers. But in addition to the natural increase in coyote numbers, and at about the time Sage Grouse numbers began to decline, Red Foxes also showed up in the area. More lately, raccoons have arrived, and now, West Nile virus. Raccoons love eggs, and across the border in Montana, one localized Sage Grouse population was nearly wiped out by West Nile.

The Sage Grouse population  began a rapid decline during the time all these natural factors came into play. Do you suppose there’s a clue here as to why the Canadian population is threatened?

But there’s more! Here’s a release from Alberta Environment. “Swift foxes were first officially released in Alberta in 1983. By 1996, 540 foxes had been released in the Alberta-Saskatchewan border and Milk River Ridge areas, parts of the species’ native range. Swift foxes depend heavily on mice, larks, insects, and ground squirrels,” and note this; “the eggs of ground-nesting birds are eaten in the spring, and many grasshoppers are eaten in the summer.” The Alberta Government did this when Sage Grouse were already under pressure!

Yet who is blamed for the near extinction of Sage Grouse in Canada? Why ranchers and oilmen of course. But the true culprit is simply, Nature; Nature, with an assist from misguided governments and radical environmentalists. Coerced by environmental groups, the Canadian government has introduced regulations that will have minimal effect on saving the Sage Grouse, but, if fully implemented, may lead to the extinction, -in that area – of ranching as we’ve known it.

During our visit to Manyberries, we spoke with ranchers who have to deal with regulations so absurd that you’d think they’d been dreamed up by City of Calgary bureaucrats. More about our visit next week.

We need come together as a community of concerned citizens, urban and rural, who are constantly forced to deal with a wide variety of similar issues, and fight back!

The Let’s Do It Ourselves (LDIO™) online community has been created to do exactly that.

You can become a member of the community today, and become part of a movement designed fight for property rights, and other essential freedoms; push back against foolish over-regulation, and educate our young people. It costs less than a cup of coffee a week. That’s a pretty modest investment in your children and grandchildren’s future.

The Let’s Do It Ourselves community website is at