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Global Warming! Climate change!! Better Move Up!!!

The climate is changing, and – except for the last 20 years – it’s been getting warmer. For millions of years, Earth’s climate has been in a continuous cycle of Ice Ages, the most recent of which reached its maximum extent about 18,000 years ago. Since then we have been in the generally warming half of […]

Mayor Nenshi and council: Here’s the money!

An open letter to Mayor Nenshi and Calgary City Council This spring, Calgary taxpayers received some welcome news! Your bureaucrats sent us our – on average – much larger property tax bill. But apparently you and the bureaucracy, by dint of much hard work and a line by line search for efficiencies, found $50 million in […]

Sage Grouse revisited

Last week we were back in the tiny community of Manyberries Alberta. The beleaguered ranchers and oilmen of that area have put together a promising new organization called Sustainable Canada. Great name and mission, but here’s what they’re up against. Ecojustice, a left-wing, richly financed offshoot of the Sierra Club, sued the Canadian government to place […]