Global Warming! Climate change!! Better Move Up!!!

Dave 07The climate is changing, and – except for the last 20 years – it’s been getting warmer. For millions of years, Earth’s climate has been in a continuous cycle of Ice Ages, the most recent of which reached its maximum extent about 18,000 years ago. Since then we have been in the generally
warming half of the cycle.

We are probably living very close to the sweet spot of climactic cycles. Most of the ice from the last Ice Age is melted; sea levels are rising at a historically normal rate; CO2 (plant oxygen) levels are back to where plant growth around the world is increasing significantly; the average human being is eating better than ever before in history; and fossil fuels have lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, and will probably continue to do so, in spite of the manufactured hysteria about GLOBAL WARMING.

So here’s some perspective. If we think of the past 18,000 years as an Ice Age Day, then 750 years equals one hour, and 12.5 years equals one minute. (So the Little Ice Age began about an hour ago.)

As our day began, North America as far south as Kentucky, and much of northern Europe and Asia were under a sheet of ice. You could have walked on the ice in a straight line from Boston to northern France. Where I sit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the ice was over a mile thick. In fact, so much water was contained in the ice that sea levels were over 100 meters (300 feet) below the present. Grand Banks.jpgThe Grand Banks of Newfoundland were dry land, covered in ice!

Between midnight and 1 AM this morning, temperatures began to rise, and by 2 AM, serious melting had begun. But due to the sheer volume of ice, nearly a third of it still remained at 8 o’clock this morning when the first organized human societies were formed. Civilization progressed slowly, and it wasn’t until 5:30 this afternoon that the construction of Stonehenge began.

Off the southeast coast of England, our European ancestors farmed Doggerland, an area that is now, at midnight, about 40 metres, or 130 feet below sea level. But when they were farming the area, Doggerlanders could walk from London to Amsterdam on dry land.

Here are a couple of links–huge-undersea-kingdom-swamped-tsunami-5-500-years-ago.html

Post-Glacial_Sea_LevelThe melt continued, and by 6 PM, Alberta’s Columbia Ice Fields had disappeared!

As sea levels rose, our Doggerland ancestors moved up! That was probably just common sense to them, and while it would be more difficult to move Manhattan, the point is that the climate has always changed, and that fact won’t change. Hopefully we change our attitudes, and become humble enough to adapt.

At 10:30 PM (1000 years ago) Vikings were farming in Greenland. Then around 10:50 PM, a sudden and severe cooling trend which is known as the Little Ice Age, forced them to abandon their farms. You can bet that Leif Erickson believed in climate change! Archaeologists are now using jackhammers to dig their abandoned farming tools, out of permafrost. Please take a moment to connect those dots.

The Little Ice Age lasted from 10:50 PM this evening until about 11:40 PM, or just 20 minutes ago. During its coldest periods, crops failed and thousands starved. Entire villages in the French and Swiss Alps were overrun by glaciers. In London, the Thames river froze.

During the Little Ice Age, the Rocky Mountains’s Columbia Ice Fields continued to reform and reached their greatest modern extent about 12 minutes ago. Europeans first saw them about 10 minutes ago, but then, 8 minutes ago, as the Little Ice Age ended, temperatures began to warm, and the Ice Fields again began to recede.

In those past 12 minutes, (150 years) the average global temperature has risen just over .75 of a degree Celsius. Remember, we are still recovering from the Little Ice Age. If we’re heading into the oven, it’s going to be a very slow bake.

At about 11:57 PM, or just 3 minutes ago in our Ice Age Day, (1980), and at the end of a 30 year cool cycle severe enough to prompt scientists to begin warning of a New Ice Age, warming resumed. And that’s when satellites began to measure Arctic Sea Ice extent, (1979).

Now it should be obvious that as temperatures resumed their climb, Arctic sea ice extent would diminish. Yet most articles regarding Arctic sea ice extent include the utterly meaningless phrase: “lowest extent since satellite records began.” Do records with a starting point 3 minutes ago have anything meaningful to say about long term climate change?

None of the information I have cited have comes from computer models.It’s all found in the historical record, and we used to study much of it in school. You don’t have to be a climate scientist to figure out that global warming and climate change, and even radical climate disruption is nothing new. And contrary to alarmist propaganda, there are thousands of scientists around the world that have affirmed exactly that.

There is archaeological evidence off coastlines around the world, that for thousands of years our unsophisticated ancestors adapted to rising sea levels by moving to higher ground. Yet left-wing fundamentalists are convinced that nature can be controlled. I recently got this urgent missive from Canada’s most left-wing party, the NDP, decrying the Conservative government’s tepid (in their view) commitment to stopping climate change.


Last week, after almost a decade of inaction on climate change, Conservatives announced another weak, misleading plan to tackle emissions. Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson (a lefty journalist) went so far as to describe the plan as “an unambitious emissions target we won’t even hit”.

The letter continues with more standard alarmism, and then concludes:

Extreme weather events, rising food prices, and even worse – that will be the legacy we leave to our grandchildren if we don’t get serious about climate change now.

Join me in calling on Stephen Harper to start working with the world and stop working against the planet:

Thanks for doing your part,

Megan Leslie
Environment Critic
Canada’s New Democrats

For those whose ideology calls for ever more government interference in our lives, the reality of climate change has provided them with a very tempting opportunity. Around the world, lovers of big government are presenting climate change as something new; rolling out regulations, and salivating over endless opportunities to make even more laws to “restore the climate.” although they never define; “restore to what?”

So how does common sense get back into the conversation and counteract nonsense like this?

I believe that the only way to do that effectively, and on the required scale, is to produce fact based, audience targeted, information pieces, especially videos. We then must use the massive reach of social media and the Internet to deliver them to our friends, colleagues, employees, children, and grandchildren on their laptops, smart phones and tablets.

The Let’s Do It Ourselves (LDIO™) online community has been created to do exactly that. Please help us in this endeavor by becoming a member of our community. For less than cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can become part of our community project to build a reliably financed platform from which we can present the other side of the story.

Please visit our website at and let’s work together to make our voices heard!

Because we are going to have to, Do This Ourselves!

Dave Reesor


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