Kids do best when cared for at home. Who knew?

Dave 07News Flash!

Extensive study by the National Bureau of Economic Research into Québec’s universal, Western province financed, $7 a day daycare, reveals “striking evidence” that children who are placed in daycare are less socially mature and less emotionally stable, with boys tending to be more hyperactive and girls more selfish. Really?

Another study by the University of Québec in Montréal concludes that “the evidence presented shows that the policy has not enhanced school readiness or child early literacy skills in general,” and that “parent reported behavioural measures on aggressiveness and anxiety show significant worsening.” Wow! This is really going off script!

Other studies clearly show that universal daycare disproportionately benefits the well to do. Is that how we want to spend our tax dollars?

0bviously, universal daycare is a bad idea. In fact, studies suggest that having children in a familiar home in the care of family members or friends, is actually best for kids. Who knew?Mom with child

Well, probably everyone in possession of a milligram of common sense and who is prepared to allow common sense to override socialist ideology. I suspect that Thomas Mulcair has the common sense but apparently it’s been overridden by his commitment to socialist/NDP ideology.

There are far more economically and socially efficient ways for governments to assist single mothers, or others who might need assistance. And as a society, we have a responsibility to work harder to help keep the biological family unit strong and intact.

Scattershot universal social programs are not the way to go.

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