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Meritha and I voted early this morning. There was no lineup. I expect voting will pick up later in the day.

I’m not a member of any political party; the online community I’m involved in – Let’s Do It Ourselves at – is non-political. However, we, and LDIO, do have a philosophy.

We believe in federal governments doing only those things which only federal governments can do; provincial or state governments doing those things which provincial or state governments can do; local governments doing only those things that are necessary to do collectively on a local level, and families and communities doing things together, and for each other.

The blurry photo is a picture of my grandfather standing in front of the tiny log cabin that he built on the banks of Battle Creek in 1904. When he built it, Alberta and Saskatchewan did not exist but were still part of the Northwest Territories.


There were no roads, no telephones, no electricity; no nothing except neighbours and a 50 mile horseback ride to the nearest town which was Maple Creek. You, not the government, looked after yourself and your family, and you looked after your neighbours.

“Progressivism” has brought us a long way from that. We are now so progressive that we are not only, not looking after ourselves; we are – through our governments – borrowing money to spend on ourselves and leaving the bill for our children and grandchildren.

The immorality of it should cause us to squirm. And if you haven’t voted already, would you reflect on that when you walk into the polling booth today?

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Love the pic, Dave! I vividly remember the experience of working with Keith and Dick to dismantle that old cabin and haul the wood off to another place on the farm. At that age, 13 or 14 I think, I had no appreciation at all for what those old timbers represented. Brings a bit of sadness as I recall the experience.



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