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Totalitarian Bureaucrats are at it again!

Dave 07In a country like Canada that not only was founded on the principles of freedom, but whose young men and women fought and shed blood to defend those principles, it is almost inconceivable that 21st century totalitarians feel they have the right to stifle freedom of speech and assembly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a Libertarian Atheist; if you believe in freedom of speech and assembly please take 15 minutes to watch these videos and support The Rebel Media™ and The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom as they take action against the self-important bureaucrats at Toronto City Hall.

The JCCF has done excellent work across Canada in support of freedom of speech and assembly.  And I’m extremely impressed with the strides that The Rebel Media™ is making towards becoming a professional and balanced Internet Television provider. It is in every Canadian’s best interest to support these organizations.

And of course I’d encourage you to become a member of the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community. Our mandate is to promote greater support for small C, common sense conservative organizations; to provide an online meeting place where our community can celebrate successful initiatives towards less intrusive government and more self-reliance; and to make use of modern technology to expose younger generations to the logic and benefits of small C conservatism.. But we cannot move forward without your help!

Fighting for Freedom has never been free, but for the most part, modern technology has made it a bargain!

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