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DiCaprio, Chinooks and Hot Air

Speaking to Variety Magazine recently, Leonardo DiCaprio said that the warm chinook winds he encountered while filming in Calgary were a terrifying reminder of the seriousness of climate change. Of course Calgarians have loved the chinook since the city was founded in 1884, just as native North Americans living on the east slopes of the Rockies have […]

Reality and the minimum wage

December 7, 2015 My little blue Ford Fiesta was due for an oil change, so first thing this morning I phoned my mechanic and he said, “Bring it over.” Gorgeous morning, and it was going to take a bit of time, so I decided to hike over to my local McDonald’s and have a coffee. […]

Who is Bill Six?

Bill Six? That’s a question that a lot of city dwellers might not be able to answer. But actually, it’s an NDP government piece of legislation called Bill 6, and it’s clear that what it means to the agricultural community that it’s aimed at, is a question that the government can’t answer either. The NDP says that its purpose is […]