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DiCaprio, Chinooks and Hot Air

Dave 07Speaking to Variety Magazine recently, Leonardo DiCaprio said that the warm chinook winds he encountered while filming in Calgary were a terrifying reminder of the seriousness of climate change.

Of course Calgarians have loved the chinook since the city was founded in 1884, just as native North Americans living on the east slopes of the Rockies have for thousands of years!

Unfortunately, climate induced outbreaks of chinook-ish hot air  from Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities are all too frequent.

A few years ago, Robert Redford said that Canada’s boreal forest was being cut down “at a terrifying rate.”oil sands from spaceApparently Redford is very easily terrified! The red line encompasses the total oil sands deposits, and the green dot is the maximum area that can ever be mined. The mine-able area of the oilsands is less than 1 per cent of total oil sands area and about 1/5th of 1% of Alberta’s boreal forest.

In recent years, Redford himself has bulldozed trees on his property east of Salt Lake City in order to create building lots to be sold for nearly 2 million dollars each. Redford excused his hypocrisy by saying that he needed the money. His personal net worth is reportedly north of $200 million.

Singer Neil Young recently compared Fort McMurray to Hiroshima, Japan, thereby simultaneously, and gratuitously, insulting the people of Hiroshima and Fort Mac. Of course, if Fort Mac remotely resembled Hiroshima after the bomb it would be terrifying, but it doesn’t.

Ft. McMurrayIt’s a beautiful city in Canada’s massive boreal forest with a comparatively tiny industrial footprint. Imagine taking a close-up photo of your freshly dug vegetable garden; enlarging it and putting it on the internet. Without context it would appear that you had destroyed your property.

james-hansen-nasa-Other prominent climate change alarmists like James Hansen, formerly of NASA, (Hansen was called, by nearly 50 of his NASA colleagues: “an embarrassment to NASA”) and, Canada’s resident Saint, David Suzuki, (Suzuki thinks that politicians that don’t agree with him should be put in jail), are routinely quoted and lauded by newspapers and wire services. It’s past time for journalists to get back to doing their jobs.

In the dry spring of 2005, which followed a low snow winter like we seem to be enjoying this year, a prominent Alberta environmentalist said that if we didn’t get rain, it would be a dry summer. I remember saying to someone at the time: “For this you need a PhD?”

But by mid-May 2005 it had started to rain. It continued through June, and we ended up with the floods of 2005. So the learned PhD was right. It had rained a lot, and it became wet.

And then we had the big one in 2013.

For some perspective, here’s a quote from the Calgary Herald. “Communities along the Elbow River – particularly Elbow Park – were the most affected by the flood.”

Except, the quote is not about the 2013 flood, but from an article written 90 years earlier; June 2, 1923.

And even earlier than that, in the late 1800s, Calgary recorded two floods that were much larger than the 2013 flood, yet, predictably, the climate alarmists blamed the 2013 flood on “climate change” which they insist is now caused by humans burning fossil fuels.

So Leonardo et al., tell us what caused climate change and chinooks, 100, or or thousands of years ago?

Climate change isn’t terrifying because we can adapt, just as we have for thousands of years. What I find terrifying is that high profile celebrities like DiCaprio, Redford, Young, Hansen, and Suzuki, and our local climate gurus, go largely unchallenged when spouting their alarmist nonsense.

And they’re usually given a pass on their personal hypocrisy, like owning or using multiple homes, multiple cars, yachts, and  private jets.

Poor Man230 million people in India still live on less than two dollars a day, and their escape from poverty lies in cheap and abundant energy. In other words, fossil fuels.

Windbags like DiCaprio aren’t heroes; their sanctimonious grandstanding is hindering economic advancement around the world, and inhibiting the poorest of the poor in developing countries from achieving decent living standards.

They need to be called out, pointedly, and often. Anyway,  that’s my perspective.

Best to all!

Dave Reesor

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Hey, Dave, that puts me in mind of a comment by an old and dear friend when she began to sneak up on middle age. An ill-advised young fellow asked her if she was having hot flashes. “No,” she replied, “I’m having a Chinook!” You don’t suppose Mr. DeCaprio might be ‘having a Chinook?’

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