Fires, Floods, and Gender Identity Disorder

Merle HaggardI picked up a Rolling Stone magazine the other day because it had a cover article on the late, great, country singer, Merle Haggard. If you’re a Merle Haggard fan, buy a copy.

They also had a story about a million acre tract of pine and oak forest north of the freeway between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City, New Jersey. I drove that 60 mile stretch a couple of decades ago and was astonished to see so much pristine forest between Philadelphia and the Atlantic.

However, the article focuses on the fact that due to government agencies suppressing forest fires, the fuel load – dead trees, leaves, and pine needles – has been compared to having an inch of gasoline over the whole area. When the right combination of dry weather and wind happens – as it inevitably will – the property loss will be in the billions of dollars and loss of human life in the hundreds or perhaps thousands.

Three days after I bought the magazine, Fort McMurray was in flames. Driven by a supposedly environmental protection agenda, forest fires, which for thousands of years have been nature’s way of cleaning up the trash – North American aboriginals understood this process well – have been suppressed, and now hundreds of communities across North America are surrounded by a massive fuel overload.

What do forest fires have to do with Gender Identity Disorder and Bill 10 in Alberta? Just this. Sadly, all governments, and even more so, left-wing governments are convinced that they are best able to manage and protect us and our families, despite proving over and over again that they don’t, and can’t.

Gender identity disorder usually manifests itself with acting out of behaviour associated with the gender opposite your biological gender. Little boys wear their mom’s high heels and little girls abandon their dolls and pick up guns.

Sometimes they take this seriously, but a European study concluded that while younger children may report gender dysphoria, most of these children will ultimately not meet the criteria for GID once they reach puberty.

Dr. Norman Spack who is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Boston Children’s Gender Management Service said: “We know that it’s normal for children to play in a different gender role on and off during childhood. Even for kids who spend almost all their time acting and living as the opposite gender, there’s a good chance they’ll grow out of it.”

Well not if the Alberta government can prevent it. Their new Education Guidelines (“Guidelines for Best Practices: Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions”)  propose that if Johnny turns up at school one day and decides that today he wants to be a girl, he gets to use the girl’s washroom, shower, and change facilities. And if your daughter feels uncomfortable? “Get over it girl!”

And here’s the most outrageous part: school staff cannot notify parents because apparently the government now has first right to raise your children. You come second.

When I tell people about this, at first most of them don’t believe me. But it’s true and here is a link to some key provisions of The Education Guidelines.    Bill 10 and Guidelines Fact Sheet

If you are outraged by this, and you should be, there are Protect Alberta’s Children rallies in Edmonton at the Legislature Building and in Calgary at the McDougall Centre, on May 14 at 2 PM.   Peaceful Rally to protect our children 14 May 2016 Calgary & Edmonton

Please plan now to attend one of these rallies and make yourself heard. If thousands of us show up it will send a message, not only to the Alberta government, but to governments across Canada. And remember this: if we stay home and mow the lawn we’re also sending a message.

Let’s take a stand for our kids, and common sense!

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