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Sandra and Hillary

I expect that I would disagree with Sandra Jansen about most things. I see her as an Elitist Progressive of the first order, and I think the manner of her crossing the floor of the Alberta legislature, from a purportedly Conservative party, straight into the embrace of a committed socialist party, says all you need […]

Win! Win! Win!

I’m no political insider so I have no idea if politicians ever set out to make decisions that produce wins all around.It must be rare, because it seems that much the time the people they purport to help actually end up losing. But the floor crossing of former Alberta Progressive Conservative and now NDP socialist, […]

Elitism and the Elite

I respect Elites. It’s Elitists that I can’t stand.

Americans Choose

Today, November 2, conservative pundit Erik Erickson wrote in The Resurgent that, resolutely true to his principles,  he actually voted Republican by writing a third party candidate onto his ballot. No he didn’t. By wasting his ballot, he actually voted to put the Clintons back in the White House. He took part in early voting; […]