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Sandra and Hillary

sandra-jansenI expect that I would disagree with Sandra Jansen about most things. I see her as an Elitist Progressive of the first order, and I think the manner of her crossing the floor of the Alberta legislature, from a purportedly Conservative party, straight into the embrace of a committed socialist party, says all you need to know about Sandra..

But in this video I agree with her 100%. She is speaking to the Alberta legislature about the verbal abuse she received after crossing the floor. However much I deplore the manner of her crossing, the subsequent abuse she received is outrageous.

hillary-clintonThe same applies to some of the slurs directed towards Hillary Clinton. Based on evidence, I consider her to be a liar who has engaged in criminal behavior of various kinds; most recently the destruction of evidence pertinent to her email server fiasco. Nevertheless, she is a woman, and crude slurs against her womanhood are  unacceptable, and in practical terms, counterproductive.

Some of the creeps using this language undoubtedly consider themselves to be conservatives. They are not. A core value of conservatism is, and always will be, respect for womanhood. In that regard, left-wing icons like John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton, are not conservatives, and 10 years ago, apparently, neither was Donald Trump. The next four years will reveal if he’s truly made the transition to conservatism.

Because it’s the left that goes to seminars and shouts down those with whom they disagree. It’s the left that throws temper tantrums over disappointing electoral outcomes. And it’s the left; people like the American comedian/political commentator, Bill Maher, who refer to women using the c word, and get a pass, at least in the liberal/Progressivist media.

If you’re not a member of the left, and you use that kind of language towards women, I don’t know where you are, politically speaking, but you’re not a conservative. What you are, is a disgrace.

Many of you know that I am involved with an organization called Let’s Do It Ourselves where we are in the process of writing our constitution, which includes our Beliefs; Rights; and Responsibilities.

One of our Responsibilities is to engage in careful, courageous, and complete consideration of issues; to form an opinion, and then, enthusiastically defend it. But foul language and irrelevant ad hominems are not acceptable. Any member who uses them will have his or her membership revoked.

If you agree with our position, and, that conservatives need to cooperate, contribute, and communicate, I invite you to JOIN US!

I just received my latest copy of The Economist Magazine, and they have a fascinating article on the substantial benefits!! of increased CO2 in the atmosphere. We’ll examine the article next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, and may we all survive Black Friday!

Dave Reesor


Win! Win! Win!

sandra-jansenI’m no political insider so I have no idea if politicians ever set out to make decisions that produce wins all around.It must be rare, because it seems that much the time the people they purport to help actually end up losing.

But the floor crossing of former Alberta Progressive Conservative and now NDP socialist, Sandra Jansen, (pictured) may be an exception, because in her crossing, almost everybody wins, and nobody loses.

The conservative wing of the PC party wins because a highly divisive, entitled, Elitist colleague, is gone. Sandra was so sure of her rightness to go left that she didn’t even discuss it with her constituents, or her Riding Association Board.

Jason Kenney wins because he has a clearer path to victory in his quest to lead the PC party. At the moment he seems to be rolling over his opposition, but the smoothing of any potential bump in the road is always welcomed.

The NDP wins because they now have a high profile, former “conservative,” that they are already using to tout their bona fides as a centrist party. Of course, the NDP is a centrist party only if you’re talking about the centre of the ditch on the left side of the road, but no matter; a few people will buy it.

And Jansen, the sort-of, fiscal conservative, (well she was a week ago,) will sort-of counterbalance the NDP’s Marxist wing.

But Sandra Jansen is the biggest winner of all. Let’s face it; she was facing 2 ½ years of irrelevancy in the third-place, PC caucus. She’s now in government, and will soon have a cabinet post, and, a bigger pension.

And if, in 2 ½ years, the NDP is once and for all turfed from office – Sandra Jansen with them; then her move will have become a huge win for all Albertans.

I predict that Sandra Jansen will go down in history as one of those politicians, where  one crucial decision made things better for everyone.

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Elitism and the Elite

Dave 07There has been hot air blowing and tears flowing since last Tuesday’s US election. Some Clinton supporters have progressed from shouting and shedding tears to burning and looting.

How Marcie’s Maternity or Ben’s Burgers were so pivotal to the unsatisfactory outcome of the election that they deserved to be torched, is beyond me, but the looniest wing of the left seems to think that arson is a legitimate catharsis for disappointment. Of course many of them are just paid agitators, and they’ll take any gig for a buck.

In fairness, many on the left and some on the right have engaged in honest self-examination, and have concluded that in their arrogance they completely missed the frustration felt by the millions of citizens that one of the candidates graciously characterized as: “DEPLORABLES.”

But a majority seem to have missed the point entirely. Some blame sexism as the reason for the Clinton loss, completely failing to explain why the same people who would not vote for Hillary Clinton would have voted, in a heartbeat, for any number of less dishonest and corrupt female candidates.

Some left-wing commentators actually managed to drag race into the discussion, insisting that the outcome was proof of conservative bias against visible minorities; again completely ignoring the fact that those same people would have voted, without a moment’s hesitation, for a Ben Carson or a Marco Rubio.

I think that the vote should fundamentally be interpreted as an overdue punch in the nose to Elitism. Elitism is an attitude that emotes: “I’m a chosen arbiter of what is good and bad, right and wrong; you must take your truth from me.”

An Elite on the other hand is someone who is among the best at their chief endeavor, (although breaking the law and getting away with it maybe shouldn’t count). And unfortunately, Elites – think DiCaprio the actor, sometimes become Elitists – think DiCaprio the jet set environmentalist.

Robert Fulford who I consider to be an Elite journalist, wrote a column in the National Post talking about his love affair with America and its Elites. I share those sentiments.

Elite American writers, artists, musicians, politicians, and even journalists have brought much beauty, enjoyment and perspective to the world. Some of them were also Elitists, but many were not. Unfortunately, Fulford’s article was Elitist in tone.

In the aftermath of the vote, many weepy dopey Elitists like Madonna, the flaming-out hillary-clintonstar who publicly promised oral sex to any man who would vote for Hillary (and you thought Donald Trump was clueless and classless), and Patrick J Adams who tweeted: “Dear world. I apologize.” – expressed their horror, disbelief, and non-acceptance of the reality, that the poster child for arrogant, corrupt, one-percenter Elitists had failed to become President.

Again, Elitism is the pivotal issue. The entire electoral enterprise was crowded with Elitists on both sides, but very few Elites. The post-election commentary by most on the left, and some on the right, has been overwhelmingly Elitist in tone, suggesting that, so far at least, the election has taught them nothing.

Like Robert Fulford, I respect Elites. It’s Elitists that I can’t stand.


Americans Choose

Dave 07Today, November 2, conservative pundit Erik Erickson wrote in The Resurgent that, resolutely true to his principles,  he actually voted Republican by writing a third party candidate onto his ballot.

No he didn’t. By wasting his ballot, he actually voted to put the Clintons back in the White House. He took part in early voting; let’s hope that on election day most conservatives don’t make the same mistake he did.

I was going to do a video blog about this just before the US election, but Gloria Alvarez does it so much better than I could that I decided to put the link to her five minute video on social media, and send it to our email list.

From personal experience, Ms. Alvarez passionately exposes the damage done to individuals and nations by socialism and corruption, in Latin America, and around the world.

Next week, if Americans put the Clinton machine back in the White House they’ll get a hefty dose of both.

Forward Ms. Alvarez’ video to all your American friends. And, to your kids!

Next week LDIO will begin to roll out what we intend to be,  weekly, 90 second video blogs- which apparently are now called Vlogs – about how business works; the regressive consequences of Progressivist economic policies; the importance of context; some inconvenient truths that illustrate how normal climate-change really is; and so on.

They can be read on mobile devices, and are meant to help  stimulate lively conversations among family and friends and employees.

We’ll look forward to your feedback!