Win! Win! Win!

sandra-jansenI’m no political insider so I have no idea if politicians ever set out to make decisions that produce wins all around.It must be rare, because it seems that much the time the people they purport to help actually end up losing.

But the floor crossing of former Alberta Progressive Conservative and now NDP socialist, Sandra Jansen, (pictured) may be an exception, because in her crossing, almost everybody wins, and nobody loses.

The conservative wing of the PC party wins because a highly divisive, entitled, Elitist colleague, is gone. Sandra was so sure of her rightness to go left that she didn’t even discuss it with her constituents, or her Riding Association Board.

Jason Kenney wins because he has a clearer path to victory in his quest to lead the PC party. At the moment he seems to be rolling over his opposition, but the smoothing of any potential bump in the road is always welcomed.

The NDP wins because they now have a high profile, former “conservative,” that they are already using to tout their bona fides as a centrist party. Of course, the NDP is a centrist party only if you’re talking about the centre of the ditch on the left side of the road, but no matter; a few people will buy it.

And Jansen, the sort-of, fiscal conservative, (well she was a week ago,) will sort-of counterbalance the NDP’s Marxist wing.

But Sandra Jansen is the biggest winner of all. Let’s face it; she was facing 2 ½ years of irrelevancy in the third-place, PC caucus. She’s now in government, and will soon have a cabinet post, and, a bigger pension.

And if, in 2 ½ years, the NDP is once and for all turfed from office – Sandra Jansen with them; then her move will have become a huge win for all Albertans.

I predict that Sandra Jansen will go down in history as one of those politicians, where  one crucial decision made things better for everyone.

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Always thought we should get back to the old-school Conservative party that could smell an opportunist a mile away. – And you should be running it!

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