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Sandra and Hillary

sandra-jansenI expect that I would disagree with Sandra Jansen about most things. I see her as an Elitist Progressive of the first order, and I think the manner of her crossing the floor of the Alberta legislature, from a purportedly Conservative party, straight into the embrace of a committed socialist party, says all you need to know about Sandra..

But in this video I agree with her 100%. She is speaking to the Alberta legislature about the verbal abuse she received after crossing the floor. However much I deplore the manner of her crossing, the subsequent abuse she received is outrageous.

hillary-clintonThe same applies to some of the slurs directed towards Hillary Clinton. Based on evidence, I consider her to be a liar who has engaged in criminal behavior of various kinds; most recently the destruction of evidence pertinent to her email server fiasco. Nevertheless, she is a woman, and crude slurs against her womanhood are  unacceptable, and in practical terms, counterproductive.

Some of the creeps using this language undoubtedly consider themselves to be conservatives. They are not. A core value of conservatism is, and always will be, respect for womanhood. In that regard, left-wing icons like John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton, are not conservatives, and 10 years ago, apparently, neither was Donald Trump. The next four years will reveal if he’s truly made the transition to conservatism.

Because it’s the left that goes to seminars and shouts down those with whom they disagree. It’s the left that throws temper tantrums over disappointing electoral outcomes. And it’s the left; people like the American comedian/political commentator, Bill Maher, who refer to women using the c word, and get a pass, at least in the liberal/Progressivist media.

If you’re not a member of the left, and you use that kind of language towards women, I don’t know where you are, politically speaking, but you’re not a conservative. What you are, is a disgrace.

Many of you know that I am involved with an organization called Let’s Do It Ourselves where we are in the process of writing our constitution, which includes our Beliefs; Rights; and Responsibilities.

One of our Responsibilities is to engage in careful, courageous, and complete consideration of issues; to form an opinion, and then, enthusiastically defend it. But foul language and irrelevant ad hominems are not acceptable. Any member who uses them will have his or her membership revoked.

If you agree with our position, and, that conservatives need to cooperate, contribute, and communicate, I invite you to JOIN US!

I just received my latest copy of The Economist Magazine, and they have a fascinating article on the substantial benefits!! of increased CO2 in the atmosphere. We’ll examine the article next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, and may we all survive Black Friday!

Dave Reesor

4 replies on “Sandra and Hillary”

Well said! Although I have no respect (politically) for either of these two, the people making these type of comments about “anyone” don’t make themselves look very intelligent. In fact, I suspect their combined IQ wouldn’t surpass Hillary’s age!

While I agree that name calling and threats are not acceptable, it has to work both ways. Both Sandra and Hillary used name calling tactics – Hillary called Trump supporters “deplorables. Within days Sandra used the same expression with respect to Jason Kenney supporters (on QR770 and in the paper), not to mention in 2014 when she called out Mr. Weber when he could no longer work under Alison Redford’s. Sandra continued to make remarks in the news media regarding Jason Kenney up to the time she resigned. While nothing she said publically implied any life threats she is not entirely innocent. Those of us who use a lot of Social Media have experienced similar commentary mostly from the Left. I often see some 4 letter words being used by upset Conservatives on line, but the serious name calling and threats are instigated immediately by the left and their trolls. I believe I know who made some strong comments and threats to Sandra and it wasn’t a Conservative. It was a staged occurrence to facilitate her the opportunity to make the ‘speech’ in the house yesterday. So, I have not lost faith in Conservative values. One last comment, being respectful should not just be relegated towards women, men deserve respect so although I am a woman I do not use the reference ‘especially towards women”. We aren’t more special than men.

Hi Edith
Thank you so much for your response! Talking with other writers I’ve discovered that we all like to get feedback, positive or negative. It lets you know that you not just talking to yourself.
I agree that neither side in this left – right debate, should resort to threats or name-calling, unless the name called is rooted in fact. For instance, I don’t believe that when I say that Hillary Clinton is a liar, that I’m name-calling; rather just referring to a fact that almost everyone acknowledges.
I guess my underlying point is, that the left cannot support its positions with evidence, or even common sense, and so they are forced to resort to using pejoratives and spin and lies to promote their worldview.
On the other hand what I call common sense Conservatism can be substantiated by observed, verifiable, and even intuitive facts, and so I believe that’s what we need to focus on.
I have read quite a few comments online, about female politicians, and actually talked to guys who had no compunction about making off colour remarks about women. I guess I’m old-fashioned in that I still think that women are special in their own way.
I do agree that everyone should be happy to have seen the defenestration of the Clinton machine, and we look forward to seeing the same for Sandra Jansen at the next Alberta election.
Best regards
Dave Reesor

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