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Upsetting Stereotypes

Dave 07Read “upsetting” either way.

Over the years we have had several aboriginal Canadians friends, acquaintances and employees, and in almost every case, they’ve been successful at their jobs or professions. So I’ve taken to telling them that I am sick of hearing about “drunk Indians,” and that we need to start focusing on successful aboriginals, like themselves, and on the many other aboriginal success stories. Here’s one.

Fort McMurray native, Isabell Ringenoldus left a successful career to start her own business in 2007. She now has 120 employees and has just won Canada’s Young Aboriginal Entrepreneur of the year award. Congratulations to her!p11-ham_isabell_ringenoldus_copy

The only problem I have with this story is that we are still categorizing people by etnicity. I hope that someday outstanding young entrepreneurs like Ms. Ringenoldus will win titles simply called: “Young Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year.”

I’ve told non Caucasian friends that I hope some of my great grandchildren are brown, and that my great great grandchildren are all brown, so that they can concentrate on important things like the content of a person’s character rather than the colour of their skin. (Those of you who know Meritha and me know that we love ethnic food, and often culture, but that skin color is irrelevant.)

Canada’s Indian Act and other government initiatives have done enormous damage to our native communities. Here’s what Vancouver lawyer, aboriginal, and author of the book; Dances with Dependency, Calvin Helin, says: “When I was a kid on the reserve, we used the expression: “Nobody owes you nothing for nothing.” In the 1920s the government had a program to provide what was called “relief.”   Helin says it had been a last resort for those individuals who needed financial aid on a temporary relief basis.(My grandfather got a check but sent it back)

But then, again from Helin’s book, Chief Ruben Cantin of the Wabigoon First Nation says that in the 1960s – think Pierre Trudeau – the government announced a new set of “social initiatives”, including income supplements, for everyone on the reserve. “The pride that was there to be self-sufficient was all of a sudden taken away by these programs.”

Canada’s aboriginal young people are as bright and entrepreneurial as they come, but too many of them have been enticed into welfare slavery by the left’s “social initiatives”. It’s the biggest waste of human capital in Canada’s history, and it’s a disgrace.

It’s time to focus on self-motivated achievers like Ms. Ringenoldus, and at Let’s Do It Ourselves we intend to do exactly that!

A Happy New Year to each of you, and many thanks those of you who supported us during the past year!

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A Muslim Merry Christmas!

Dave 07One evening last weekend Meritha and I stopped in at Begim for a bite to eat. Begim is an Uzbek restaurant in Forest Lawn, a Calgary suburb loaded with ethnic eateries.

Begim is run by a Muslim family, the Madjanovs; Dad Kamil, Mom Mastura, brother Nodir and sister Nigura. The parents were dentists in Uzbekistan, and the family members all carry on working in the medical profession here in Canada. But, they also run the restaurant, working , like many entrepreneurs, a horrendous number of hours each week.

During the visit we enjoyed some of their beautifully presented food, and then had a chat with Mom, Mastura. To celebrate the season, the restaurant had garlands and lights artistically placed around the room, so I complemented her on their “Muslim Christmas decorations.”

She chuckled and said that they had always celebrated Christmas in some way, even back home in Uzbekistan. Then she held her hands close together, palms facing each other, and said: “We don’t see people this way; and spreading her arms wide she said: “we see them this way.”

“How Canadian,” I thought to myself, and, “what a perfect illustration of the Christmas story”.  Jesus himself said that God loved the world so much that he sent Jesus, and that whoever simply believes in him, will not perish, but will live forever. Genuine Christian faith is one with arms spread wide.

Now, I’m well aware that Christian denominations, and many Christian individuals, have tragically misrepresented and abused the title “Christian”, for a variety of nefarious purposes. But that no more negates the true message of the Christian faith than does a dystopian North Korea which absurdly calls itself, “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, negate the true meaning of democracy. And on balance, the innumerable individual and organized good works done by Christians over the centuries vastly outweigh the hypocrisies.

But back to Begim. (Photo by John Gilchrist) Over 6 or 8 visits, it’s become one of our favourite restaurants, run by a warm family, with excellent food and great prices. For tea, two different salads, and a wonderful rice and lamb dish topped with a perfectly roasted, whole bulb of garlic, we were presented with a bill for under $25.

And we took nearly half the food home for lunch the next day. Merry Christmas to us!

And Merry Christmas to each of you!



Memo to Media; Science Unsettled.

Dave 07Earlier this year, Slate online magazine published this article on sea level rise.

Completely missing the irony, one of the paragraphs in the piece reads as follows: ”The world Hansen and his colleagues describe reads like a sci-fi plot synopsisand it’s now officially part of the scientific canon, though peer review doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a paper is infallible.” (all emphasis mine)

Think about it. Sci-fi plot? Canon? Peer review doesn’t guarantee infallibility? So we have science fiction, plus religion, plus uncertainty. Let me say this for the 150th time: “If someone tells you that the science is settled, they are either ignorant, or they’re lying.”

james-hansenIn 2006, uber-alarmist, James Hansen said that “we have at most ten years—not ten years to decide upon action, but ten years to alter fundamentally the trajectory of global greenhouse emissions.” In 2009 Hansen said that “the dangerous threshold of greenhouse gases is actually lower than what we told you a few years ago.”

But in fact, higher CO2 levels are contributing to significant global greening, as I reported in a previous blog. Parts of the Sahara Desert are turning green, as they were as recently as 2000 years ago. Furthermore, not one of Hansen’s apocalyptic warnings have come true, nor even appear to be on their way to coming true.

James Hansen left NASA not long after nearly 50 of his former colleagues signed a letter that declared him an alarmist and an embarrassment to NASA. Hansen claimed that he left so that he could more effectively fight climate change, and claimed that he had been muzzled while at NASA, by the Bush administration.

Enter Dr. John Theon, Hansen’s former supervisor at NASA. After years in the field,  Theon publicly declared himself a skeptic of the notion of catastrophic , human-caused, global warming/climate change. He also said that Hansen had “embarrassed NASA” with his alarmist climate claims.

(Everyone who’s paying attention knows that the world is warming – that’s what ended the Ice Age. We also know that climate change is a reality. Ho-hum. Climate change – sometimes catastrophic – has been a reality on our planet for hundreds of millions of years.)

Theon also stated that Hansen was “was never muzzled” pointing out that Hansen had conducted about 1400 media interviews while at NASA. (If he was muzzled, the muzzle apparently didn’t work.)

That a blatantly ideology driven scientist like James Hansen has been so frequently interviewed, and continues to be quoted, speaks volumes about the media’s obsession with the sensational. That they would continue to assign credibility to someone held in such low regard by his coworkers, and his supervisor, is a disgrace.

Last week I said the next blog would be an examination of the difference, as I perceive it, between socialism and conservatism, so consider this an addendum to last weeks blog. But Canada and its provinces – save for Saskatchewan – are hell bent on implementing a tax on everything, called a carbon tax. This will help reduce our 1.5% of global CO2 emissions to about 1.4%, and surely the Chinese, and Indians and Americans will be inspired to follow our example. It is apparently believed that our child will lead them.

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C – O – 2 – is – good – for – you!

Dave 07IWUZ reading the Economist Magazine  and was startled to see an article admitting that increases in atmospheric CO2 levels are causing a massive increase in plant growth around the world. Since 1982, an area double the size of the United States has begun to turn green. Why? Well, it’s partly because some colder areas have warmed  since a 30 year cold snap ended around 1980. (Global warming!) Plants do much better in heat than in cold.

But the biggest greening effect has been from – wait for it – an increase in CO2 levels from about 300 ppm in 1952 just over 400 ppm today. Does that mean that CO2 is a good thing? Of course! Greenhouse operators have pumped CO2 into their buildings for decades.

smokestack-co2There’s more! The Economist: “Studies conducted in greenhouses have found that plants can photosynthesize up to 40% faster when concentrations of CO2 are between 475 and 600 ppm.” Does this suggest that plant growth would benefit from even higher levels of CO2?

Again, of course. We know that during the periods when the earth was covered in vegetation from pole to pole, CO2 levels were much higher than today. We also know, that higher CO2 concentrations enable plants to use less water.

So, the human caused climate change/global warming catastrophe has been cancelled? We wish.  After all, The Economist, like Scientific American, National Geographic and most of the media, are totally invested in climate alarmism.

To be fair, in July 2009, National Geographic did put this article in it’s Daily News section. One line says: “Emerging evidence is painting a scenario in which rising temperatures could benefit millions of Africans in the driest parts of the continent.” Bet you didn’t hear about that on the CBC or PBS.

But mixed in with all the good stuff about CO2, the Economist article uses phrases like: “the wet bits of the world will probably become wetter, while dry parts will become drier.” “Rainfall patterns may change.” “Higher temperatures could kill tropical forests.” And “the precise details are still unclear.” Unclear? No kidding!

What is perfectly, abundantly, irrefutably clear is that the science is not settled, and anyone who tells you that it is, is either speaking from ignorance, or they are deliberately attempting to deceive you.

The Economist article concludes by saying, that while CO2 gobbling plants have probably reduced the rate of increase of atmospheric CO2, the resultant global greening offers only “a little breathing space,” and that: “kicking the fossil fuel habit remains the only option.”

polar-bearsHere’s another option. How about kicking every politicized climate scientist and science writer off the planet for a while; maybe send them to Mars with Leonardo Di Caprio, considering that not one of their; “might,” “maybe,” “possibly,” catastrophes has materialized. For instance, in the past 30 years, despite all the hand wringing, Polar Bear numbers are way up.

(I ask you, do those guys look stressed?)

Come to think of it; neither have any of the alarmist’s absolutely positive “wills,” “shalls,” or, “we’ve reached the tipping point,” prognostications proven true. When a theory is consistently wrong, do you think maybe it’s time to look for another theory?

So I say, let the greening of the Earth continue. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines.

I’m a small c conservative who believes in good, small, government; entrepreneurial capitalism; and helping ourselves and our neighbors, so I’ve had some interesting back-and-forths with readers who hang out farther to the left.

I believe that at a very fundamental level; Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and Social Democrats are all members of the same family; they just approach their mission with different degrees of urgency, or viciousness. Next couple of weeks, I’ll take a look at what I believe that means.

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