Memo to Media; Science Unsettled.

Dave 07Earlier this year, Slate online magazine published this article on sea level rise.

Completely missing the irony, one of the paragraphs in the piece reads as follows: ”The world Hansen and his colleagues describe reads like a sci-fi plot synopsisand it’s now officially part of the scientific canon, though peer review doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a paper is infallible.” (all emphasis mine)

Think about it. Sci-fi plot? Canon? Peer review doesn’t guarantee infallibility? So we have science fiction, plus religion, plus uncertainty. Let me say this for the 150th time: “If someone tells you that the science is settled, they are either ignorant, or they’re lying.”

james-hansenIn 2006, uber-alarmist, James Hansen said that “we have at most ten years—not ten years to decide upon action, but ten years to alter fundamentally the trajectory of global greenhouse emissions.” In 2009 Hansen said that “the dangerous threshold of greenhouse gases is actually lower than what we told you a few years ago.”

But in fact, higher CO2 levels are contributing to significant global greening, as I reported in a previous blog. Parts of the Sahara Desert are turning green, as they were as recently as 2000 years ago. Furthermore, not one of Hansen’s apocalyptic warnings have come true, nor even appear to be on their way to coming true.

James Hansen left NASA not long after nearly 50 of his former colleagues signed a letter that declared him an alarmist and an embarrassment to NASA. Hansen claimed that he left so that he could more effectively fight climate change, and claimed that he had been muzzled while at NASA, by the Bush administration.

Enter Dr. John Theon, Hansen’s former supervisor at NASA. After years in the field,  Theon publicly declared himself a skeptic of the notion of catastrophic , human-caused, global warming/climate change. He also said that Hansen had “embarrassed NASA” with his alarmist climate claims.

(Everyone who’s paying attention knows that the world is warming – that’s what ended the Ice Age. We also know that climate change is a reality. Ho-hum. Climate change – sometimes catastrophic – has been a reality on our planet for hundreds of millions of years.)

Theon also stated that Hansen was “was never muzzled” pointing out that Hansen had conducted about 1400 media interviews while at NASA. (If he was muzzled, the muzzle apparently didn’t work.)

That a blatantly ideology driven scientist like James Hansen has been so frequently interviewed, and continues to be quoted, speaks volumes about the media’s obsession with the sensational. That they would continue to assign credibility to someone held in such low regard by his coworkers, and his supervisor, is a disgrace.

Last week I said the next blog would be an examination of the difference, as I perceive it, between socialism and conservatism, so consider this an addendum to last weeks blog. But Canada and its provinces – save for Saskatchewan – are hell bent on implementing a tax on everything, called a carbon tax. This will help reduce our 1.5% of global CO2 emissions to about 1.4%, and surely the Chinese, and Indians and Americans will be inspired to follow our example. It is apparently believed that our child will lead them.

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