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It’s a Left-Wing Meltdown! Y’all Come!

Dave 07

I’ll admit it’s been amusing, in a sadistic sort of way, to watch the left-wing meltdown since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on November 8.

First of all, and the US Constitution notwithstanding, they insisted was an illegitimate result because Trump only won the Electoral College, but not the plurality of votes. Enclaves in New York and California had given that to Hillary Clinton, and everyone knows that the folks in New York and Los Angeles should run things, by divine right so to speak; that is, if there were such a thing as the divine.

Then the effort was to have the Electoral College itself overturn the election result and install Hillary Clinton. All this of course was accompanied by demonstrations and riots; although when asked, many of their participants had forgotten to vote.

ashley-juddBut the best part of the show has been since Inauguration Day. The day after, there was a big women’s march, and one of the speakers was Ashley Judd. It was like watching a slo-mo train wreck as she tried her best to channel Dr. Martin Luther King. But somehow her repetition of “I am a nasty woman” – which ironically has a ring of truth to it – just seemed silly beside Dr. King’s, “I have a dream.”

Another star performer in the Left-Wing Meltdown has been Madonna. She’s made a career, and millions, not from her voice but from her unrelenting pursuit of vulgarity. I always wondered how women can insist on respect when they act out like Madonna, or who allow themselves to be called “hoes,” “bitches,” and worse. Donald Trump is low class?

Another trigger for The Meltdown has been the “Muslim ban.” Never mind that it’s not a ban, on either Muslims or refugees, but a temporary suspension on immigrants of all faiths from a list of seven countries, prepared by the Obama administration. It was clumsily rolled out, but when you are sick of slick politicians and elect someone who isn’t a politician at all you should anticipate a lack of slickness. You got it.

neil-mcdonaldAnd we have the horrific killing of seven Muslim worshipers at a mosque in Québec City. The shooter was a disturbed young man, with a Christian name. But that name alone was enough to have Neil McDonald of the CBC prattling on about how most of the killers in North America are Christians.

Canadian taxpayers, you pay this guy’s salary.

It was the same narrative put out by the left-wing media after Anders Breivik massacred 77 people in Norway in 2011. He was a Christian. Except it turns out that actually he was an atheist, and a National Socialist, and, according to the exacting science of psychiatry, a narcissist. But then, the left has called Adolf Hitler a Christian simply because he was baptized as a child.

So the biggest star so far in the Left-Wing Meltdown, has been the mainstream media. They have dedicated themselves for the next four years to delegitimizing everything that the Trump Administration does, good or bad.

There is not a doubt that the Trump administration will do more unslick things. But the media’s wildly biased approach is exactly why very few people trust the media.

And I predict that four years from now, even fewer will.

Best to each of you!

Dave Reesor

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Post Script

I recently had an interesting conversation with a Millennial. We were chatting at a birthday party, and she wanted to read one of my blogs, so I gave her the link. She read it, and then looked at me and very sincerely said: “Thank you. I’d never thought of it that way before.”

With 9 grandchildren, and all their friends, I’ve found that Millennial’s are very easy to talk to, and are hungry for information that they find believable. LDIO’S mission is to provide that information using their medium; VIDEO. There’s a cost.

So please JOIN us, and become a member of the Let’s Do It Ourselves community. If you’re one of the 350,000 Albertans who voted Wildrose two years ago, this community is for you. If you voted for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2015, or voted Republican last November, the LDIO™ community is for you and your Millennials!

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Good summary of the past couple of weeks. However, to Canadians it is not a meltdown. Most of them listen to the CBC and their message is that this is a movement, not a meltdown.

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