Memo to Conservatives: O’Leary isn’t Trump

Dave 07This week I’ve linked to an interview I did with Poletical, an edgy, online news magazine about politics. It seems they wanted a view from a political outsider.

I belong to no political party, but I tend to strongly favour Maxime Bernier bernier-tip-300x300for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. He has stated all his policy positions clearly, and, in emphasizing his determination to end supply management in the dairy and poultry industries, extremely courageously. His riding in Quebec is at the epicentre of the dairy industry in Canada, yet he wins by wide margins.

olearyI just as strongly believe that Kevin -“just visiting from Boston” O’Leary, as leader, would mean at least an extra 4 depressing years of Justin Trudeau. Donald Trump’s unexpected electoral success in the United States is only superficially analogous to an O’Leary candidacy in Canada.

Anyway, that’s my perspective.

Dave Reesor

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Thank you, Thank you. You are the first I have seen say this in any blog or newsletter. I have said this from the first time I heard it. O’Leary may be a brilliant investor, but he is disgustingly arrogant and is far from being “conservative”. He has even supported the idea of a carbon tax. In many ways he reminds me of Pierre Trudeau, except he’s not a Communist!

O’Leary may not be Trump but he could be our escape from Canada’s smothering elite controllers who care only about themselves.

He may actually do what he says and resist being “Ottawashed” upon entering office. We do not need another political puppet of corporate leaders, union leaders, bankers, environmentalists, the U.N. etc. O’Leary could coin the leadership style of putting Canadians first, Canada first.—so Trumpian and so arrogant, eh?

O’Leary, financially wealthy, seems not only able but sincere toward putting Canada back onto healthy economic rails. He understands numbers and that our federal gross debt and the annual interest on the mounting federal gross debt is stagnating Canada’s economy.. As well, future generations of Canadians are being unfairly shackled with the task of repaying our debt… .

O’leary could provide good governance for Canadians simply because he cares about Canada.. However, voters have no way to control officials once they’ve been elected to office. That is, until the next election cycle..

Hi Joe
Good to hear from you!
You say O”Leary Could be, might, etc., but the first question is “can”, as in, Can he be elected? Because unless he can beat Trudeau, it doesn’t matter if he can walk on water. I’d say the answer is no and I’m going to enumerate the reasons that I believe that in a future blog.

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