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O’Leary would be a Loser

Dave 07Last week’s blog was entitled: “O’Leary isn’t Trump” and I linked to an interview I did for Poletical. I briefly made the case that I didn’t think Kevin O’Leary could win government as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Some disagreed with me so here’s a more complete list of the reasons I believe O’Leary would be a loser.

To begin; it doesn’t matter who wins the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. What matters is; “Can that person beat Justin Trudeau?”

Second. In a year when the voter’s mood was decidedly anti-establishment, the Democrats handed a gift to the Republicans by running a reckless, untruthful, unlikable, “establishment in a pantsuit” candidate, named Hillary Clinton. In spite of all that, Donald Trump lost the popular vote, by nearly 3 million votes.

Do you honestly believe that if the Democrats had run a more likable candidate, Donald Trump would be President? I certainly don’t. In fact, the Trump team must now assume that the Democrats will regain their senses and choose a more appealing candidate for the next presidential election, and so, govern themselves accordingly.

Third. The Democratic/Republican vote split in the United States is generally in the 48 to 53 percent range, give or take. Canada’s left-wing parties; the Liberals and NDP, consistently take 60 to 65, or even up to 70 percent of the vote, with the Conservatives taking what’s left.

The Conservatives always need to round up every available vote to win a majority.

Which brings us to Fourth. Québec, and parts of New Brunswick and Ontario are French speaking, and have over 25% of the seats in the House of Commons. Kevin O’Leary doesn’t speak French. You can write off a whack of seats right there.

And Fifth. O’Leary might have a Canadian passport, but for practical purposes, he lives in Boston. Now if I remember correctly, in 2011 the Liberals were desperate to return from political exile so they imported a visitor from Boston named Michael Ignatieff. How’d that work out? And yet some Conservatives are now suggesting that they want to try a visitor from Boston. Really?

And Finally, Arlene Dixon, who was O’Leary’s colleague on Dragon’s Den, describes Kevin O’Leary as a “narcissistic, opportunistic, self-promoter who lacks empathy”. Do you really think that’s going to sell?

You might be totally convinced that there’s a VACANCY sign behind that sunny smile of Justin Trudeau’s, but the fact is that that sunny smile is the first thing many people see. In fact, that sunny smile is the only thing a lot of people see.

oleary-sneerSo unless Conservatives want to lose, I’d suggest that they might not want to run Kevin O’Leary’s sneer against that.

And that’s my perspective.

Best to each of you!

Dave Reesor

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3 replies on “O’Leary would be a Loser”

I agree that O’Leary can’t win, but even if he could, I would not vote for him because he is more a Liberal light and an establishment type–NOT a conservative. It’s these kinds of Conservatives that are killing us–the ones without the courage of their convictions. I would rather have a principled conservative leader who could lose than another Liberal light who might win and put another nail in the conservative coffin. Just look at Patrick Brown in Ontario–he already sounds like Wynne light! At the moment I see Maxime Bernier (never believed I’d support another leader from from Quebec) and Kellie Leitch as most clearly on track with conservative values and unafraid to express them.

Hello Dave,

O’Leary only needs to win Ontario and the West to be P.M. of Canada. He can likely deliver many more seats, even without French language fluency.

Harper was supposedly very fluent in French, yet his Cons. never won many seats in Quebec..

Canadians know O’leary well. They know he’s not nice sometimes but they also know that he’s very clever. Much more clever than P.M. Trudeau is. Canada needs a leader who knows how to improve our economic mess and to become economically competitive on the world stage.. We need to face the economic juggernaut which Mr.Trump’s building in the U.S.A.. O’Leary is the first image that comes to mind, who folks can trust, to do the tough job and make the necessary decisions.. They know O’leary’s past performance and they know him, That makes up for being ” Mr. Nice Guy.”

If you look at his pronouncements on anything but the economy, O’Leary is not a conservative, he is a liberal / progressive / whatever they might call it today.
And my point Joe, is that Quebec will be a write off, but in addition, O’Leary absolutely will not sweep Ontario and the West.
Almost every conservative that I’ve talked to so far thinks he would be a disaster. Some have even said that if O’Leary is the candidate, they will not vote.

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