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Dave 07While Meritha and I have always enjoyed movies, I wouldn’t say we’ve been avid moviegoers. But about two and half years ago, we subscribed to Netflix, and since then we’ve tried to shut down business by about 8 PM, several evenings a week, and watch a movie.

It’s great! I mean who can argue with 10 bucks a month for both of us – and sometimes a couple of our friends – to watch 8 or 10 movies a month? Add to that, if you know about me and popcorn, you’ll understand that those savings alone amount to hundreds of dollars a year. And besides that, I’m a 73-year-old guy and the bathroom is 25 feet away and I have a PAUSE button.

When we used to go to movies we’d often patronize theaters like the Plaza and the Globe, and catch foreign-language movies. We’ve gotten into the same habit with Netflix. I think we started off with a movie set in France called, My Summer in Provence. We’ve now been all over the world, and enjoyed experiencing the geography and scenery and culture and cooking methods from numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

You can get used to subtitles. Actually, we’ve watched movies set in supposedly English-speaking locations like Scotland, and parts of England and Wales, and believe me, the subtitles are just as necessary as they are for films set in Iceland or Tunisia or Hong Kong.

Coming Home.jpgWe’re fans of Korean and Taiwanese films, but recently watched our first film from mainland China called: “Coming Home.” The setting is Communist China, during and at the end of the Cultural Revolution.

The settings are realistically drab, so drab in fact, that after we’d watched the first 10 minutes or so, we debated continuing. But we did, and it became more engrossing as it went along.

It’s a story about humanity, and loyalty and perseverance in the face of the insanity and depravity of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and it’s probably one of the 20 best movies we’ve ever watched.

So that’s how we’re fighting Hollywood. We spend very little money at theaters, and we mostly watch foreign films at home.

Di CapioI suspect that the movie establishment around the world leans towards left-wing causes, just like they do in Hollywood. But as far as I know, none of them have ever private-jetted into Alberta – one of the cleanest provinces in the country, in one of the cleanest countries in the world – to hypocritically dump on our oil industry and our pipelines.

So besides the global education, and cheap popcorn, Netflix has been better for my blood pressure. If anyone is interested, I can provide a list of some of the films we have particularly enjoyed.

Best to each of you!


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I don’t know if you are a novel reader but if you are you might be interested in Madeleine Thien’s novel Do Not Say We Have Nothing. It is a bit of a tough read but tells the story of a family and friends dealing with the communist revolution and counter revolution in China. I found it quite telling and worth the effort.

Thanks Randall
I looked it up and read some reviews and it sounds like a fascinating read. I read so extensively for my blog that I haven’t had time to read novels for a while, but I think I’ll pick that one up.

It might be of interest to you that another Netflix offering was a Korean television series called: “A Secret Affair.”
Google “A Secret Affair Viki TV” and you can catch some free episodes. We’ve watched it through, 4 times in the past 2 years. Netflix no longer carries it, so we bought the DVDs because we intend to watch it once a year until we can no longer see or hear. It is the best film making we have ever seen; TV or big screen.

Here’s the link to a review.
Almost every review I’ve read gives the series 10 out of 10.

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