The Lie is Bigger than I thought!

If you tell a lie often enoughA few days ago I published a blog outlining how parents that send their children to private or charter schools are, in fact, subsidizing public schools. So why is the Progressivist Left saying otherwise?

Here’s a clue. It’s a quotation from a CBC news article published a year ago, after the Edmonton Public School Board voted in favor of a motion asking the provincial government to withdraw, all funding from private schools.

“Public funds should go to public purposes,” said Michael Janz, chair of the Edmonton Public School Board, who tabled the motion at a meeting this week.

We believe public education should be the first choice for all Albertans, so it does not make sense for us to see a system that’s providing a public subsidy for a private choice.”

Can you believe that? He said: “We believe…”  And by the way, it doesn’t matter what you believe.

The problem is that Mr. Janz’ arrogant assertion flies directly in the face of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That declaration states clearly that parents have a “prior right” to choose their children’s education. That means that parent’s wishes come ahead of those of politicians and school boards. Why even ahead of that of Mr. Janz!

But a reader pointed out that I’d missed an even bigger point, when it comes to financial subsidies.

Private schools receive no transportation or school construction funds from the province. In total, the province spends about $13,000 for each public school student, and about $5000 for each private school student.

So for every student that goes to a private school, the government saves a whopping $8000 which must be made up by the supporters and parents of alternative school students. That $8000 actually goes to subsidize the so-called public school system.

So once again, tell me who is subsidizing whom? The Progressivist Left is lying, (I know, that’s not news), but let’s not let them get away with it.

On another education issue; if you are concerned about the fact that the NDP government’s gay straight alliance initiative is being implemented and manipulated by radical LGBT activists, please read & this petition from Teresa Ng of Informed Albertans. And please forward it.

NotleyNext week, more about the Notley government’s sexual education agenda for your children, kindergarten through high school. Until recently it included pornography, until public pressure forced them to take it down. Working together does bring change!

Will you stand up for your children, and for your parental rights?

Many thanks!

Dave Reesor

Let’s Do It Ourselves

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