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Response to Randall

Dave 07Over the past few weeks I’ve published one blog entitled:Who is Subsidizing Whom?, and another entitled Stop Subsidizing Public Schools! Unsurprisingly, I got some feedback, both positive and negative.

One source of negative feedback was Randall. Full disclosure; Randall is my cousin and our worldviews are different, so we spar from the perspectives of Socialism and Atheism, versus Conservatism and Christianity. I hope someday that we can engage in the conversation face-to-face, over a very long lunch.

What I’ve done here is copied Randall’s comments, and then responded to them. Unavoidably, this blog is much longer than usual.

Randall. One system with different schools to fit parent’s interests is a bit contradictory. It would be interesting to see how that would work in rural areas, never mind urban areas!

Dave. How is it contradictory? It’s simply a pooling of school funding through equal taxation levels, and then having equal funding follow each student to the school of their and their parent’s choice.

It’s exactly the same idea as having a publicly funded healthcare system, but with the customer choosing which doctor, hospital or clinic to patronize. What’s unique to both in the Canadian context, is that the student or patient is actually regarded as a customer, rather than an expense; a customer for which the provider must compete with other providers, which forces a focus on excellence in the service provided.

Randall. The worldview that matters is pretty basic: communication, facts, skills and nurturing self actualization with the ability to think independently and objectively. Personal interests, especially religious, must be a private matter.

Dave. Randall, you reveal your bias, and unfortunately, a tint of totalitarianism. Of course we have a Prime Minister who is an open admirer of totalitarians, so maybe that’s the direction we’re heading. And please explain: “nurturing self actualization”??

But it seems to me that you’re basically saying that the worldview that matters, is your worldview. On the other hand, I am not saying that the worldview that must prevail is my worldview. I’m simply calling for freedom of speech, of assembly, freedom of, or from religion, etc., for both you, and me.

I’m saying that if parents wish to send their children to a school that teaches essential subjects from the perspective of their worldview, then that’s their inalienable right. Those rights are not conferred by the government; in fact, it is a government’s essential responsibility to protect those rights.

That is affirmed by The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights; Article 26: subsection 3, as well as numerous other International, Canadian, and Alberta declarations and laws. So, what Alberta’s NDP government is trying to do is fundamentally contrary to Alberta, Canadian, and International Law. And, also by the way, also contrary to common sense and decency.

Or, do you actually believe that preteens should have access, through a Department of Education approved website, to instructional videos on oral sex, to pick one of the least offensive examples?

And do you believe that parents should be excluded from knowing when their kids are experiencing gender confusion, or which government approved organizations their children have joined? Again, that’s contrary to the law, and contrary to simple common sense.

Because, how about school marks? If the teacher knows that a student’s parents are really strict about their kids doing well in school, what happens if one of their kids gets an F? The child might be terrified of facing his or her parents, so should they be “outed” to their parents for their bad mark, or should their parents be kept in the dark?

It’s a scientific fact that the many children go through gender dysphoria during grade school years, and even into junior high, but in the vast majority of cases, with their parents love and involvement, they grow out of it. Of course, there are a very small percentage of parents that are abusive, but the law already makes provision for dealing with that.

The Alberta government’s position seems to be that a child’s gender confusion should be affirmed, and even encouraged by the school, but concealed from the parents. Can you defend this?

Randall. Perhaps if churches and ministers paid taxes the government would be able to afford to do a better job.

Dave. I agree that churches and pastors should be held to a very strict standard when it comes to their tax exemptions. But it is a fact that many churches perform invaluable community service in helping people through financial difficulties, addictions, marriage problems, and even in dying. And in most cases, they do a far better job than government funded services, and at no cost to the taxpayer.

Randall. Atheists, at this point, do not need to organize. We live in a democracy (as flawed as it is) and paying our taxes we pay for all the programs government provides (and the subsidies as well…).

Dave. At this point?? Considering the record of the numerous officially Atheistic regimes in the 20th century, that sounds ominous.

Anyway, here’s where our differing worldviews come into stark relief. Socialist/Leftists/ Progressivists (SLP) believe in the all-knowing, all-providing, all-powerful state. Conservatives don’t.

Because conservatives like me have spent the last 60 years observing the SLP worldview being practiced; in National Socialist (Nazi) Germany, in the Soviet Union, in Communist China, currently in increasingly dystopian Venezuela, and on and on.

I personally lived under the disastrous economic policies of socialism in Saskatchewan, although I hasten to add that it was infinitely more benign than the socialist regimes I’ve mentioned. More on that below.

Randall. There is only so much cash to go around. Even wealthy Alberta cannot afford to have special interest schools for every nuance of personal opinion. One public school system for all. Special interests are a private matter. No public money should go to any private school, ever. One “free” private system!!!

Dave. As I proved in my blog, patrons of alternate schools in Alberta currently subsidize the public (Secularist) system to the tune of 30% of their education tax dollars. In provinces like Ontario, it’s 100%. On top of that, alternate schools raise their own capital funding! The Secularist public system benefits by millions from the existence of alternate schools. I know you weren’t a math teacher, but……

Anyway, why are you so against allowing parents to teach their children, within a universally funded education system, an alternate perspective to yours?

Randall. And in your tirade using emotionally charged words like “Nazi” about repeated lies becoming accepted, you forgot to mention Donald Trump. You should be more current…

Dave. Randall, this is my favourite. I knew some people would be offended by my use of the word Nazi. Do you remember BushHitlerBush-Hitler?

HarperNaziAnd Harper-Nazi? And just last week, an SLP activist tweeted that Alberta parents that expressed opposition to the NDP’s gender fluidity promoting agenda, were: “Cultural Marxists.”

Now if you assume that most Albertans are quite brainless, you could also reasonably assume that that would be an effective slur. But most Albertans are not brainless, and the poor lady simply revealed herself to be short of an argument.

As you know, I’m no big fan of Donald Trump. But Donald Trump’s lies tend to towards hyperbole, and in some cases are proven to be correct – think of Sweden’s real problem with radical Islamists; whereas the Left’s lies are often a transparent use of Nazi style, “repeat the lie” propaganda, in order to have the lie become fact, and to intimidate those with alternate perspectives.

Anyway, as unappetizing as Trump may be to many, he was hired to drain the swamp, and it’s a reasonable assumption that swamp drainers are not necessarily genteel gentlemen.

One more point about the Nazis. For decades, the left has characterized Nazism / Fascism as being right wing. That is pure, and so far successful, propaganda. Because in fact, the National Socialist party – commonly referred to under Hitler as the Nazis – was socialist in that Hitler saw both individuals and industry as having a prior responsibility to the objectives of the state.

And in that view he was aligned with Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, and more recently, the Hugo Chavez revolution in Venezuela, which has managed to destroy that country in two decades. Its citizens are fleeing to Columbia by the hundreds.

So I’d suggest to conservative readers that we always refer to Nazism as a left wing phenomenon.

21st century SLPs are anti-free speech – routinely shutting down speakers, particularly at universities. They’re anti-freedom of assembly, witness some of Canada’s law societies’ outrageous attempt to prevent a law school being established at Trinity Western University; they’re anti-freedom of religion, and so on.

And they don’t want to discuss it! It’s been my observation that the only people that want no argument are the people that have no argument.

The faces of the Western left used to be those of Tommy Douglas, Alan Blakely, Roy Romanow, Hubert Humphrey, and Golda Meier; reasonable and honorable people all.

SLP faces are now those of Naomi Klein, Rachel Maddow, Jeremy Corbin, the radical management and faculty of far too many universities, and of course, the hopelessly myopic Bernie Sanders, who, having honeymooned in the Soviet Union, still came back a proud socialist. How was that even possible?

Unfortunately, the SLPs current face includes that of Rachel Notley, a woman who I had always believed to be simply a decent person with whom I disagreed. Considering her regime’s actions and attitude, I’m re-considering.

Western civilization is in a very dangerous period for the very simple reason, that those in control of many governments, most bureaucracies, and the media and entertainment industries, are focused on its destruction; in part because Western civilization is anchored by a Judaeo – Christian worldview, which they hate.

Decades ago, English journalist Malcolm Muggeridge presciently wrote the following:Muggeridge “So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense.

Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer.

Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over–a weary, battered old brontosaurus–and became extinct.”

Randall, I don’t believe we’ve yet keeled over, but we’re on our knees.

Best regards


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Stop Subsidizing Public Schools!

In an interview with CBC News, Duncan Kenney, the executive director of Progress Alberta made the following statements: “We subsidize our private schools more than every other province in the country.” He also said: “We have 15 elite private schools in Calgary collectively soaking up more than $30 million annually in public subsidies.” Unfortunately, both statements contain gross untruths, and are obviously intended to mislead the public.

First of all, and this is an indisputable fact; parents that send their children to alternative schools, (neither public or Catholic), pay exactly the same education taxes as everyone else. Let me say that again. The Smiths who send their children to the public system, and the Joneses who choose to send their children to an alternative school pay exactly equal rates of education tax.

But the Jones’ taxes are not applied equally towards their children’s education. In Alberta, alternative schools receive only 70% as much per-student grant that public schools do, so parents sending their children to alternative schools must make up the difference. That 30% withheld from alternative schools, stays in the public system.

Furthermore, alternate schools supporters build and maintain their own buildings!

So who subsidizes whom? The simple, incontrovertible, mathematical fact is that alternative schools, and the parents involved, subsidize the public system. In other words, the Joneses subsidize the Smiths!

But Article 26, item 3, of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states unequivocally, that parents have a prior right to choose their children’s education, and, that it shall be free. Not in Alberta! Parents that choose an alternative to the public system are being being forced to subsidize, with that 30% of their own money, the public system. (In Kathleen Wynne’s increasingly dystopian Ontario, it’s 100%!)

The second deception in Duncan Kenney’s comments is that there are 15 “elite private schools” in Calgary. Our grandchildren have attended three of these “elite” alternative schools, and I’ve frequently picked them up after school. The other cars waiting to pick up their kids, consistently ran from Beemers, to beaters.

The grand-kids are older now, and I occasionally pick them up at their public high schools, and their classmate’s cars range from Beemers to beaters. There may be two or three elite alternative schools in Calgary, but the rest are simply schools, chosen and supported by parents, many of whom are making major sacrifices for their children’s education.

So why the lies? Well here are some of the Alberta organizations that are involved. The Alberta Teacher Association. The Calgary and District Labour Council. The Canadian Union of Public Employees. Progress Alberta. Note that every one of these is left-wing activist and union dominated.

Left-wing Progressivists are control freaks, and they hate it when they don’t have complete control of the education / indoctrination agenda. It also upsets them that they don’t usually receive union dues from teachers at alternative schools.

Repeating a lie until it becomes accepted as truth is a long-established, Left-wing / Socialist strategy. Supposedly pioneered by Lenin, the repeated lie was most famously used by the National Socialists, (Nazis), in Germany in the 1930s, to create “their truth”; that Jews were at the root of most of Germany’s problems. Failure to stand up to those Nazi lies ended up costing 50 million lives.

Over the last 15 or 20 years, the “repeat the lie” tactic has increasingly been adopted by  the postmodern Progressivist Left. Alberta’s Progressivist cohort are not quite Nazis, but it’s clear that they’ve inherited some DNA.

More recently we’ve discovered that through Alberta’s taxpayer funded GSA website, Alberta’s schoolkids from kindergarten through grade 12, were linked to pornographic websites. When confronted, those responsible took them down, but then accused the parent who discovered the links of being hysterical and sensationalist. The website supervisor responsible is still in charge.

If like me, you believe in the freedoms of Speech, Association, Religion, Property, and your right to choose the worldview presented in your kid’s education, your ideas are in direct opposition to the Progressivist Left.

Alberta’s government has been unleashing a blitzkrieg of ideological initiatives, so freedom lovers need to stop whining, get united, and get working!

For your kids future –

Dave Reesor


Eye-witnessed Accounts

Dave 07I very rarely write directly about religion, or more specifically, my Christian faith. Religion is not the focus of my blog, even less is it the focus of the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community. LDIO™ has members that are Christians, Sikhs, Agnostics, and Atheists.

LDIO™ members simply observe that government is too big; that it interferes in our lives in ways that are contrary to good government, and that we are better off doing most things for ourselves, together with our families and communities.

And, we’re working together to do something about it.

But this is Holy Week in the Christian calendar, and since a life lived about 2000 years ago completely changed the course of human history, I hope it’s okay if I comment on it.

Easter and Christmas are the times of year when media outlets like Maclean’s magazine and PBS roll out sensational articles and programs, featuring interviews with “scholars” who present, (to put it politely), non-Orthodox theories about Christianity.

Some ideas that I’ve read over the years propose that Jesus was married, or that he was just another one of many so-called Messiahs in Palestine during the Roman era, or that his disciples made the whole thing up, or that his disciples conspired to steal his body after the crucifixion. The most cockamamie theory has to be, that Jesus never existed at all!

For millennia, it has been a fundamental underpinning of justice, that facts can be established on the testimony of two or three reliable witnesses. And the fact is that Jesus Christ is one of the most widely attested to personages in pre-modern history, including being written about by those hostile to the Christian faith. (See Josephus)

In an era before the printing press or cell phone cameras, information was mostly passed on orally, and, with remarkable accuracy by the way. Yet to make sure the record was straight, four of his disciples undertook to write Jesus’ biography, known as the four Gospels, beginning just about 30 years after his crucifixion and resurrection. 2000 years ago such extensive, written, eyewitness accounts, were extremely rare.

To skeptics, the fact that the Gospels don’t describe each event exactly the same way is proof that the stories were made up. But in a court of law, if eyewitness accounts are fundamentally the same, they are accepted as reliable, even though they don’t necessarily agree in each detail.

Of course, if the Gospel writers had described each event in exactly the same way, they would be accused of collusion.

Not only was Jesus life written about by several of his disciples, but his life was witnessed by thousands; his crucifixion and death were witnessed by dozens, and his in-body appearances, after his crucifixion and burial, were witnessed by hundreds over a period of about six weeks.

Many of those hundreds, including 11 of the 12 disciples, went on to die horrible deaths; by beheading, being fed to the lions, immolation, and crucifixion. They were killed for refusing to retract their assertion that they had seen Jesus alive, after his crucifixion. It seems to me that someone willing to die rather than recant what they claim to be true, must be a pretty reliable witness!

As CS Lewis pointed out, people will die – and many have – for what they believe to be true, but there is no account in human history where someone has accepted a horrible death for refusing to recant what they knew to be a lie. And incidentally for which – if it was a lie – there was absolutely no upside for anyone, including themselves!

Unless you reject eyewitness testimony, which is a foundation stone of our justice system, the evidence for Jesus life, death, and resurrection, are conclusive. Many legal scholars have said as much.

So let me affirm, as Christians around the world will affirm this Sunday morning: “He is risen. He is risen indeed!”

Happy Easter!


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Fundamental Issues

Dave 07I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to approach this blog, but it’s probably best to do it head on, although the subject matter would suggest an approach from behind would be more appropriate.

First of all, you really need to read this hilarious column by humorist, Dave Barry. It is one of the funniest pieces I’ve ever read. While you read it, remember, Mr. Barry is a humorist.

Okay, now that you have Dave Barry’s perspective from 2008, let me give you an update for 2017. I’m 73 and I just had my fifth colonoscopy, and things have come a long way since my first one in 1994.

First of all, the stuff you have to drink now doesn’t taste all that bad. It’s certainly better than the energy drink that I used to keep hydrated. The only uncomfortable thing is the quantity which is about 2 L over two hours, and then eight hours later, another 2 L over two hours. Big deal.

And yes, you do have to stay within a couple of minutes of a bathroom, but I doubt if there are many of my readers that haven’t had that experience from having the flu. The regimen they call Colon Prep is far less distressing.

And finally, there is about a 15 minute period during which the doctor performs an invasive procedure. But the technology has improved so much that there is minimal discomfort, and besides you get to watch it all on the big screen beside your bed. How to put this delicately, but this is the only time in your life that you can be proud of having your cranium up your fundament, even if it’s just in virtual reality.

Seriously, less than one third of Canadians and Americans have this procedure which should start when you’re 50, and tragically, thousands die unnecessarily each year. A colonoscopy is a mildly invasive procedure, but not one millionth as invasive as colon cancer.

ColonoscopyIf this all was too much inside information for you, (yes, pun intended), I’m sorry. My only purpose is to, hopefully, save a life. You might want to forward it to those you love.

Look after each other!

Dave Reesor

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Ever More Disgusting

“The power of language to color one’s view of reality is profound. It is for this reason that linguistic engineering always precedes social engineering — even in medicine.”

Professor of social work, Dr. William Brennan

Dave 07In the late 1980s and early 90s I made five, quite extensive, business trips to Africa. I always included some extracurricular activities, particularly in Zimbabwe where I had become friends with an executive at Zimbabwe Railways in Bulawayo. On each trip I tried to spend a weekend with he and his wife, and on weekends forays into Matabeleland, we talked about Zimbabwe’s business and politics and history.

One day while waiting for takeoff from Harare to Bulawayo to visit them, I was chatting with a business owner in the next seat. We had a wide-ranging discussion until suddenly he said: “We’ll have to stop talking now. The industry minister is coming on board, and he can be dangerous.” I looked out the window and there were three or four Mercedes limousines lined up with an obviously VIP getting out, surrounded by his entourage.

Sadly, I saw the same thing – albeit less blatantly – happening in Alberta. Businesses were almost forced into buying and back-scratching their way into favor with the PC government. It disgusted me to the point that in 2006 I left the PC party.

Hard to believe, but I’m starting to find the NDP government even more disgusting. It’s not their incestuous relationship with the unions; no-one but the hopelessly naïve would have expected anything different from a left-wing government. No, it’s their war against the family, and parents, and our children’s right to be children that disgusts me. I hope it disgusts you.

NotleyThe NDP government appears to be determined to encourage children experiencing gender dysphoria, to celebrate their disorder. They go so far as to stipulate that parents don’t have the right to know if their son shows up at school wanting to be a girl, or their girl shows up wanting to be a boy. This includes wanting to use the bathroom and shower facilities of the opposite sex.

genderunicorn1Extensive research shows that nearly all children will grow out of this gender identity disorder, or gender dysphoria, in their teens, if they’re left alone, and not encouraged to believe that their disorder is normal.

But the Progressivist Left loves disorder, and nobody is more Progressivist Left then Alberta’s NDP. (See The Gender Unicorn)

Witness the fact that on the climate change file their advisors are almost exclusively anti-oil and anti-pipeline activists, and that on Gay/Straight alliance and gender issues, they employ radical LGTBQ activists to set the standards.

The American College of Pediatricians (ACD) has issued a position statement that repudiates everything the NDP is trying force on Albertans regarding this issue. As usual, the Progressivist Left will try to undermine the credibility of the researchers, but their arguments simply amount to personal attacks.

Linguistic engineering (creating dozens of genders that have no relationship to genitalia), and personal attacks are the LGTBQ radicals’ main tool. Jason Kenney worked with gay colleagues in Ottawa, but is already, without a shred of substantiation, being called a homophobe by Alberta’s radical left.

If you care about your kids and your grand-kids, please read the ACD position statement, and then forward this blog to everyone that you know.

Many thanks!

Dave Reesor