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Ever More Disgusting

“The power of language to color one’s view of reality is profound. It is for this reason that linguistic engineering always precedes social engineering — even in medicine.”

Professor of social work, Dr. William Brennan

Dave 07In the late 1980s and early 90s I made five, quite extensive, business trips to Africa. I always included some extracurricular activities, particularly in Zimbabwe where I had become friends with an executive at Zimbabwe Railways in Bulawayo. On each trip I tried to spend a weekend with he and his wife, and on weekends forays into Matabeleland, we talked about Zimbabwe’s business and politics and history.

One day while waiting for takeoff from Harare to Bulawayo to visit them, I was chatting with a business owner in the next seat. We had a wide-ranging discussion until suddenly he said: “We’ll have to stop talking now. The industry minister is coming on board, and he can be dangerous.” I looked out the window and there were three or four Mercedes limousines lined up with an obviously VIP getting out, surrounded by his entourage.

Sadly, I saw the same thing – albeit less blatantly – happening in Alberta. Businesses were almost forced into buying and back-scratching their way into favor with the PC government. It disgusted me to the point that in 2006 I left the PC party.

Hard to believe, but I’m starting to find the NDP government even more disgusting. It’s not their incestuous relationship with the unions; no-one but the hopelessly naïve would have expected anything different from a left-wing government. No, it’s their war against the family, and parents, and our children’s right to be children that disgusts me. I hope it disgusts you.

NotleyThe NDP government appears to be determined to encourage children experiencing gender dysphoria, to celebrate their disorder. They go so far as to stipulate that parents don’t have the right to know if their son shows up at school wanting to be a girl, or their girl shows up wanting to be a boy. This includes wanting to use the bathroom and shower facilities of the opposite sex.

genderunicorn1Extensive research shows that nearly all children will grow out of this gender identity disorder, or gender dysphoria, in their teens, if they’re left alone, and not encouraged to believe that their disorder is normal.

But the Progressivist Left loves disorder, and nobody is more Progressivist Left then Alberta’s NDP. (See The Gender Unicorn)

Witness the fact that on the climate change file their advisors are almost exclusively anti-oil and anti-pipeline activists, and that on Gay/Straight alliance and gender issues, they employ radical LGTBQ activists to set the standards.

The American College of Pediatricians (ACD) has issued a position statement that repudiates everything the NDP is trying force on Albertans regarding this issue. As usual, the Progressivist Left will try to undermine the credibility of the researchers, but their arguments simply amount to personal attacks.

Linguistic engineering (creating dozens of genders that have no relationship to genitalia), and personal attacks are the LGTBQ radicals’ main tool. Jason Kenney worked with gay colleagues in Ottawa, but is already, without a shred of substantiation, being called a homophobe by Alberta’s radical left.

If you care about your kids and your grand-kids, please read the ACD position statement, and then forward this blog to everyone that you know.

Many thanks!

Dave Reesor

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