Fundamental Issues

Dave 07I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to approach this blog, but it’s probably best to do it head on, although the subject matter would suggest an approach from behind would be more appropriate.

First of all, you really need to read this hilarious column by humorist, Dave Barry. It is one of the funniest pieces I’ve ever read. While you read it, remember, Mr. Barry is a humorist.

Okay, now that you have Dave Barry’s perspective from 2008, let me give you an update for 2017. I’m 73 and I just had my fifth colonoscopy, and things have come a long way since my first one in 1994.

First of all, the stuff you have to drink now doesn’t taste all that bad. It’s certainly better than the energy drink that I used to keep hydrated. The only uncomfortable thing is the quantity which is about 2 L over two hours, and then eight hours later, another 2 L over two hours. Big deal.

And yes, you do have to stay within a couple of minutes of a bathroom, but I doubt if there are many of my readers that haven’t had that experience from having the flu. The regimen they call Colon Prep is far less distressing.

And finally, there is about a 15 minute period during which the doctor performs an invasive procedure. But the technology has improved so much that there is minimal discomfort, and besides you get to watch it all on the big screen beside your bed. How to put this delicately, but this is the only time in your life that you can be proud of having your cranium up your fundament, even if it’s just in virtual reality.

Seriously, less than one third of Canadians and Americans have this procedure which should start when you’re 50, and tragically, thousands die unnecessarily each year. A colonoscopy is a mildly invasive procedure, but not one millionth as invasive as colon cancer.

ColonoscopyIf this all was too much inside information for you, (yes, pun intended), I’m sorry. My only purpose is to, hopefully, save a life. You might want to forward it to those you love.

Look after each other!

Dave Reesor

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