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Stop Subsidizing Public Schools!

In an interview with CBC News, Duncan Kenney, the executive director of Progress Alberta made the following statements: “We subsidize our private schools more than every other province in the country.” He also said: “We have 15 elite private schools in Calgary collectively soaking up more than $30 million annually in public subsidies.” Unfortunately, both statements contain gross untruths, and are obviously intended to mislead the public.

First of all, and this is an indisputable fact; parents that send their children to alternative schools, (neither public or Catholic), pay exactly the same education taxes as everyone else. Let me say that again. The Smiths who send their children to the public system, and the Joneses who choose to send their children to an alternative school pay exactly equal rates of education tax.

But the Jones’ taxes are not applied equally towards their children’s education. In Alberta, alternative schools receive only 70% as much per-student grant that public schools do, so parents sending their children to alternative schools must make up the difference. That 30% withheld from alternative schools, stays in the public system.

Furthermore, alternate schools supporters build and maintain their own buildings!

So who subsidizes whom? The simple, incontrovertible, mathematical fact is that alternative schools, and the parents involved, subsidize the public system. In other words, the Joneses subsidize the Smiths!

But Article 26, item 3, of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states unequivocally, that parents have a prior right to choose their children’s education, and, that it shall be free. Not in Alberta! Parents that choose an alternative to the public system are being being forced to subsidize, with that 30% of their own money, the public system. (In Kathleen Wynne’s increasingly dystopian Ontario, it’s 100%!)

The second deception in Duncan Kenney’s comments is that there are 15 “elite private schools” in Calgary. Our grandchildren have attended three of these “elite” alternative schools, and I’ve frequently picked them up after school. The other cars waiting to pick up their kids, consistently ran from Beemers, to beaters.

The grand-kids are older now, and I occasionally pick them up at their public high schools, and their classmate’s cars range from Beemers to beaters. There may be two or three elite alternative schools in Calgary, but the rest are simply schools, chosen and supported by parents, many of whom are making major sacrifices for their children’s education.

So why the lies? Well here are some of the Alberta organizations that are involved. The Alberta Teacher Association. The Calgary and District Labour Council. The Canadian Union of Public Employees. Progress Alberta. Note that every one of these is left-wing activist and union dominated.

Left-wing Progressivists are control freaks, and they hate it when they don’t have complete control of the education / indoctrination agenda. It also upsets them that they don’t usually receive union dues from teachers at alternative schools.

Repeating a lie until it becomes accepted as truth is a long-established, Left-wing / Socialist strategy. Supposedly pioneered by Lenin, the repeated lie was most famously used by the National Socialists, (Nazis), in Germany in the 1930s, to create “their truth”; that Jews were at the root of most of Germany’s problems. Failure to stand up to those Nazi lies ended up costing 50 million lives.

Over the last 15 or 20 years, the “repeat the lie” tactic has increasingly been adopted by  the postmodern Progressivist Left. Alberta’s Progressivist cohort are not quite Nazis, but it’s clear that they’ve inherited some DNA.

More recently we’ve discovered that through Alberta’s taxpayer funded GSA website, Alberta’s schoolkids from kindergarten through grade 12, were linked to pornographic websites. When confronted, those responsible took them down, but then accused the parent who discovered the links of being hysterical and sensationalist. The website supervisor responsible is still in charge.

If like me, you believe in the freedoms of Speech, Association, Religion, Property, and your right to choose the worldview presented in your kid’s education, your ideas are in direct opposition to the Progressivist Left.

Alberta’s government has been unleashing a blitzkrieg of ideological initiatives, so freedom lovers need to stop whining, get united, and get working!

For your kids future –

Dave Reesor

One reply on “Stop Subsidizing Public Schools!”

There is only so much cash to go around. Even wealthy Alberta cannot afford to have special interest schools for every nuance of personal opinion. One public school system for all. Special interests are a private matter. No public money should go to any private school, ever. One “free” private system!!!

And in your tirade using emotionally charged words like “nazi” about repeated lies becoming accepted, you forgot to mention Donald Trump. You should be more current…

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