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Restoring Moderation

Dave 07There’s been a lot of talk lately about the need for a moderate conservatism. I agree.

Progressivist Conservatives often tell us that they are fiscally conservative but socially progressive, in other words, they are models of moderation.

What it really seems to mean in practice is that you must timidly support every  social initiative of the Progressivist Left, no matter how intrusive, anti-human rights, anti-family, anti-science, or, outright perverted.

The fact is that on most social issues, our society has completely abandoned moderation.

Because let me ask you:

Is it immoderate to oppose government initiatives that completely ignore the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, which explicitly states that it’s not the government, but parents, who have a “prior” or first right, to decide on the education of their children?

Was it immoderate for Theresa Ng to reveal that Alberta’s taxpayer financed Gay Straight Alliance, or GSA website provided links to over 20 sexually explicit websites?

Kris WellsThat GSA website is approved for children ages 5 to 18, but Kris Wells the guy in charge, didn’t think Theresa’s concern was moderate. He called her hysterical and sensationalist. On what dystopian planet would you draw that conclusion?

Is it immoderate to affirm the scientific and biological, and obvious reality of two genders?

Is it immoderate to oppose government initiatives, that seek to normalize gender dysphoria in children, against the findings of science, and, simple common sense? Those initiatives constitute government sanctioned child abuse.

Is it immoderate for a politician to give a pass to Gay Pride Parades (LINK WARNING: severe stupidity on display)  – those Flasher Festivals where addled parents flaunt their Progressivist bona fides by taking their kids to gawk at naked men? In saner times, it would be considered child abuse.

Is it immoderate to point out the irrefutable scientific fact, that a human being’s life journey begins at conception, and that at no point is a fetus a part of a woman’s body. It is in her womb for protection and nourishment, but it has its own DNA, its own blood type, distinct heartbeat, and even personality!

Is it immoderate to insist that we need to have an honest conversation about abortion, and to enact a law to give the fetus protection after a certain stage of its development? Could we at least outlaw aborting baby girls, just because they’re girls?

The fact is, that it’s the current governments of Alberta and Ontario and Canada that are immoderate.

Most of the mainstream media is giddily proud of their immoderate social views.

Much of Hollywood is immoderate to the borders of insanity.

It’s past time for real moderates – that would be those of us who don’t ignore biology and science, and who have a high regard for observed reality – to make our voices heard, and call out the im-moderation of the Progressivist Left.

You can make your voice heard by joining these organizations. Theresa Ng, Parents for Choice: Donna Trimble, Informed Albertans, and John Carpay, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom.

Donna TrimbleTheresa NgJohn Carpay

And please help us, by joining the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community.

But, there’s a crisis in Alberta, right now, and it requires your immediate attention.

  1. Buy a membership in the Wildrose Party of Alberta; deadline July 8, and
  2. Buy a membership in the Conservative Party of Alberta; deadline July 12.
  3. Then on July 20-22, vote to Unite the Right.

Join both parties, online, for just $10 each.

Because Alberta’s Progressivist Left is actively encouraging their supporters to buy memberships, so that they can vote to stop the Unite the Right initiative.

We can’t let them. Common sense conservatives must unite or take the risk of another four years of Rachel Notley’s NDP; possibly the most radically immoderate government in Canadian history.

If you don’t get involved, the NDP could be in power until 2023, and you will regret it, because the cost to the finances and freedoms of your children and grandchildren would be terrible.

Please, join each of the parties right now, and on July 20-22, vote to unite!


Dave Reesor

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Fighting for Alberta’s Kids

Dave 07Meritha and I recently attended a Conference on the Family in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The three featured speakers were Theresa Ng, a mom and teacher who blogs at Informed Albertans; Donna Trimble, executive director of Parents for Choice in Education and John Carpay of Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms , JCCF.

These are three excellent speakers who devote an enormous amount of their time to fighting for your rights to free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and, as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights puts it, your “prior right” as a parent, to decide on your children’s education.

That specific right is under attack by the Progressivist Left, which has infiltrated such organizations as the Alberta Teacher Federation, Progress Alberta, The Canadian Union of Public Employees, and so on. They are promoting the idea that they have the “prior right” to decide on how your children will be educated, and they are prepared to lie like fascists to get their way.

Donna TrimbleFor instance, they tell you that public funds subsidize alternate/private/charter schools. The exact opposite is true. Donna Trimble of Parents for Choice in Education spoke to that issue.

Here is the Executive Summary of a PCE study on where Alberta taxpayer’s money actually goes when it comes to educating our kids. This study was based on analysis done by respected economist, Mark Milke.

Executive Summary

In Alberta in 2014/15, 631,089 students were enrolled in some sort of public school—“public,” separate (Catholic), Francophone or Charter. On the private side, 29,400 students were enrolled in independent schools.

That year, a conservative estimate of the public system cost to taxpayers—including instruction, operations and transportation but excluding governance, program support and basic education program costs—amount­ed to $10,874 per student. In contrast, because private schools receive less funding per student relative to the public system, and charge school enrollment fees to parents, the cost to taxpayers of students in independent/private schools was $5,150 per student—or less than half the public school cost.

In 2014/15, had all the students enrolled in independent schools instead attended public schools, the extra cost to taxpayers—and the provincial education budget—would have been $168 million. Over the five years analyzed in this report (2010/11 to 2014/15 inclusive), the existence of independent/ private schools thus saved taxpayers a total of $750-million.

So, what the study showed, is that Alberta parents who send their kids to alternate schools actually subsidize the public system to the tune of about $250 million a year. For a different analysis of the same facts, I blogged about it at a couple of months ago at Stop Subsidizing Public Schools!

Theresa NgTheresa Ng, blogger and founder of Informed Albertans, spoke about her discovery that Alberta taxpayer’s dollars were used to fund the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) website, and that the website had over 20 links to sites promoting and illustrating a variety of sexual activities, the mildest of which gave  instructions on oral sex, and sex positions to try at home. The website was government approved for kindergarten through grade 12.

When “outed” by Theresa, the links were removed, but the website supervisor, Kris Wells, then attacked Theresa for being sensationalist and hysterical. Follow the link to my blog, Alberta’s Porn Pushing Politicians and then follow the links to what Theresa uncovered, and you decide for yourself if it’s even possible to be overly sensationalist about this issue.

John CarpayJohn Carpay of JCCF passionately encouraged us to be informed and thoughtful, and then, bold and courageous in defense of our fundamental rights and freedoms, specifically parental rights. John has led many high profile fights for freedom of speech on campuses, and the right of Trinity Western University to establish a law school.

I’d encourage you to spend some serious time following the links on this blog. Our basic freedoms are under attack, and for the futures of our children and grandchildren, we need to become informed, and active. And I’d encourage you to subscribe to and support these three organizations. Donna and Theresa and John are true freedom fighters.

And of course, I’d encourage you to become a member of the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community. My view is that conservatives need to Cooperate, Contribute, and Communicate effectively or we’re going to lose this war, and we don’t need to.

The Progressivist Left’s biggest asset is our apathy. Please share this with your entire email list, and keep it going.

Best to each of you!

Dave Reesor

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Canada is Marching On. Glory Glory Hallelujah!

Dave 07For the past 20 years global temperatures have not risen significantly. Neither have they fallen much; they have “plateaued.”

But based on the increase in CO2 levels, computer models said that temperatures should have kept rising. Climate change alarmists insist that they have kept rising, or at least stayed high enough to keep setting some records. And, they’re right. Several years in the past 20 have recorded temperatures near or slightly above the highest temperatures recorded in the last century. So what does it mean?

colorado-plateau-3-moab.jpgHere’s a picture of a plateau. As a verb, to plateau means reaching a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. As a noun, a plateau is an area of relatively level high ground.

You’ll notice that the sides slope up until they reach the top, and flatten out, or plateau. This level, high ground  continues on for some distance, as a plateau, and then falls away again.

How does this relate to global warming? Well, as you should know, for the last 15,000 years we have been exiting a major Ice Age. During that exit, temperatures have generally gone up, but with some downs; glaciation has generally retreated, and, as the land ice has melted, sea levels have risen, by about 130 metres or 400 feet. It’s not an even climb.

1000 years ago, it was warmer than it is now, then for several centuries, it cooled off during what is known as the Little Ice Age. Glaciers advanced and overran towns in the Swiss and French Alps; the Thames River in London froze over completely – it last did that in 1814 – and crops in the northern United States froze in July. But since about 1850, we’ve been warming up again.

But even so, there have been ups and downs in temperature. The 1920s, 30s and 40s were hot – some of the records still stand – but then it cooled off, and in the 1950s 60s and 70s, many scientists were predicting a new Ice Age. I remember the alarm: “What are we going to do to fight GLOBAL COOLING?! “

At the end of the 70s it began to warm up again until about 1998 when it reached a plateau. We’ve been bouncing along the top of that plateau for nearly 20 years, with occasional annual records being set by 1/10 of 1°, a number which is totally meaningless except to people employed in writing newspaper headlines, or extracting research grants from taxpayers.

So here are a couple of things to think about. If CO2 levels have risen significantly for the past 20 years, and they have, why has the temperature plateaued? Could it be that CO2 is not that important a greenhouse gas? After all, water vapor makes up 95% of greenhouse gases.

The other thing generally agreed upon is that the increased CO2 levels have been responsible for a major increase in plant growth around the world. Even parts of the Sahara Desert are turning green, again. CO2 is as essential to plants as oxygen is to you.

But, in spite of this, you’ll regularly hear someone say: “We have to tackle climate change.” What does that even mean? It’s just more babble from the Progressivist Left meant to impress you with how virtuous they are; no connection to reality required.

The climate change industry is a racket. Some in it are getting rich, and some are getting famous, and a lot of people in the industry, who know better, just don’t have the guts to speak the truth. Those that do speak out usually lose their jobs. That’s not science.

Politicians like Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama and Kathleen Wynne and Rachel Notley and now the unholy alliance of the Greens and NDP in BC have no interest in science; they are interested only in implementing their left-wing ideology, and shutting down Canada’s energy industry business. Saudi and Venezuelan oil are apparently quite acceptable.

catherine-mckenna.jpgCanada’s environment Minister Catherine McKenna says that Canada is “Marching on” with the Paris Accord and 200 other countries. Yes they are, like a herd of lemmings. You might think Donald Trumps is nuts, but he’s not that nuts.

Climate change is normal, and the reason that we’re still here because our ancestors adapted to that reality. They even adapted to a 400 foot sea level rise, by moving to higher ground.

Do you notice that you don’t have to be a scientist to figure this out?  There’s no excuse.

I’m Dave Reesor