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Fighting for Alberta’s Kids

Dave 07Meritha and I recently attended a Conference on the Family in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The three featured speakers were Theresa Ng, a mom and teacher who blogs at Informed Albertans; Donna Trimble, executive director of Parents for Choice in Education and John Carpay of Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms , JCCF.

These are three excellent speakers who devote an enormous amount of their time to fighting for your rights to free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and, as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights puts it, your “prior right” as a parent, to decide on your children’s education.

That specific right is under attack by the Progressivist Left, which has infiltrated such organizations as the Alberta Teacher Federation, Progress Alberta, The Canadian Union of Public Employees, and so on. They are promoting the idea that they have the “prior right” to decide on how your children will be educated, and they are prepared to lie like fascists to get their way.

Donna TrimbleFor instance, they tell you that public funds subsidize alternate/private/charter schools. The exact opposite is true. Donna Trimble of Parents for Choice in Education spoke to that issue.

Here is the Executive Summary of a PCE study on where Alberta taxpayer’s money actually goes when it comes to educating our kids. This study was based on analysis done by respected economist, Mark Milke.

Executive Summary

In Alberta in 2014/15, 631,089 students were enrolled in some sort of public school—“public,” separate (Catholic), Francophone or Charter. On the private side, 29,400 students were enrolled in independent schools.

That year, a conservative estimate of the public system cost to taxpayers—including instruction, operations and transportation but excluding governance, program support and basic education program costs—amount­ed to $10,874 per student. In contrast, because private schools receive less funding per student relative to the public system, and charge school enrollment fees to parents, the cost to taxpayers of students in independent/private schools was $5,150 per student—or less than half the public school cost.

In 2014/15, had all the students enrolled in independent schools instead attended public schools, the extra cost to taxpayers—and the provincial education budget—would have been $168 million. Over the five years analyzed in this report (2010/11 to 2014/15 inclusive), the existence of independent/ private schools thus saved taxpayers a total of $750-million.

So, what the study showed, is that Alberta parents who send their kids to alternate schools actually subsidize the public system to the tune of about $250 million a year. For a different analysis of the same facts, I blogged about it at a couple of months ago at Stop Subsidizing Public Schools!

Theresa NgTheresa Ng, blogger and founder of Informed Albertans, spoke about her discovery that Alberta taxpayer’s dollars were used to fund the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) website, and that the website had over 20 links to sites promoting and illustrating a variety of sexual activities, the mildest of which gave  instructions on oral sex, and sex positions to try at home. The website was government approved for kindergarten through grade 12.

When “outed” by Theresa, the links were removed, but the website supervisor, Kris Wells, then attacked Theresa for being sensationalist and hysterical. Follow the link to my blog, Alberta’s Porn Pushing Politicians and then follow the links to what Theresa uncovered, and you decide for yourself if it’s even possible to be overly sensationalist about this issue.

John CarpayJohn Carpay of JCCF passionately encouraged us to be informed and thoughtful, and then, bold and courageous in defense of our fundamental rights and freedoms, specifically parental rights. John has led many high profile fights for freedom of speech on campuses, and the right of Trinity Western University to establish a law school.

I’d encourage you to spend some serious time following the links on this blog. Our basic freedoms are under attack, and for the futures of our children and grandchildren, we need to become informed, and active. And I’d encourage you to subscribe to and support these three organizations. Donna and Theresa and John are true freedom fighters.

And of course, I’d encourage you to become a member of the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community. My view is that conservatives need to Cooperate, Contribute, and Communicate effectively or we’re going to lose this war, and we don’t need to.

The Progressivist Left’s biggest asset is our apathy. Please share this with your entire email list, and keep it going.

Best to each of you!

Dave Reesor

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