Regarding Omar Khadr

Dave 07I realize that I have a gift for occasionally making everybody mad, and this may be one of those occasions. As I’ve been able to uncover them, here are the facts.

Omar Khadr’s parents were both born elsewhere, his father in Egypt. They met and married in Canada and the children, including Omar, were born here. Therefore, Omar is a natural, rather than naturalized, Canadian citizen.

The elder Khadrs were not interested in integrating into Canadian society. They supported terrorist organizations, and the parents should never have been allowed into Canada in the first place.

Omar KhadrOmar was immersed in Islamic radicalism from the time he was born. When he was 15, and still legally a child under his parents control, he was taken by his father to Afghanistan where at the end of a firefight with American soldiers, he threw a grenade which killed one American soldier and wounded another. His father was killed.

Omar was apprehended and even though he was technically a child soldier at the time of the incident, he was convicted by a US military court and spent 10 years in Guantánamo Bay Cuba, during which time he claimed he was tortured. There has been no proof.

There is no question that he is a Canadian citizen, and that he did not receive Canadian standards of justice. It is also clear that he has not, since returning to Canada, made a serious effort to dissuade other young Canadians from following in his footsteps.

I suppose I could stop there because I probably already have made everyone mad at me by trying to give both sides of the story. If we ever needed King Solomon to come back and adjudicate an issue, now would be the time.

My view is that any Khadrs, or any other immigrants born elsewhere, who actively support terrorist organizations, should have their citizenship revoked, and be expelled.

But Omar Khadr is a Canadian born, Canadian citizen. I don’t trust him, but he was not treated properly according to Canadian law, and therefore should be compensated.

And 10.5 million is way too much.

Tear a strip off me on my blog site, and I’ll post your comments.

Dave Reesor

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3 Comments on “Regarding Omar Khadr”

  1. Del July 6, 2017 at 1:03 PM #

    Isn’t there a picture of Khadr at his current age. The “child” soldier image has worn thin.

  2. Brian Hodgson July 6, 2017 at 7:49 PM #

    According to the Geneva Convention:
    • child soldier is defined as UNDER 15. Khadr was not a child soldier – he was 15 when he killed the US medic, and blinded his fellow medic.
    • medics are protected personnel. Khadr committed a war crime

  3. Margaret Scrivens July 6, 2017 at 11:18 PM #

    Sign the Canadian Taxpayers Petition against this outrageous payment

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