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I Should Win a Prize!

Dave 07A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog in which I put some of the climate related events of the past 18,000 years into the context of a single day. Climate cycles actually last hundreds of thousands of years, or more, and within those cycles, are shorter cycles, lasting tens of thousands of years, and within those are shorter cycles lasting hundreds of years, and within those are cycles lasting several decades. Any weather pattern lasting less than several decades, is just weather.

So I thought that it’s really interesting to consider that, climate-wise, we’re living in the last few minutes of the latest 18,000 year, climate day. It provides some perspective. Again, here’s the link to that blog.

Breaking News!

Later this week, Al Gore is releasing his sequel – ingeniously titled, An Inconvenient Sequel – to his decade old, Oscar-winning docudrama, called An Inconvenient Truth. Gore homes cars jetsConveniently, it has made him very, very, wealthy, and he lives the lifestyle to prove it.

Now I’m not aware of one significant alarmist prediction that Mr. Gore made 10 years ago, that’s come true; so, in the interests of science, and at great personal cost, and even, risk to my health, I’m going to the movie to see how Big Al handles all those truly, Inconvenient Truths.

I may even have to skip the popcorn for fear that the salt content would push my blood pressure past the tipping point. Hmmmm. Evocative phrase that, but I have to admit that “tipping point” probably isn’t original with me. I’m positive I’ve heard it somewhere before.

A friend told me he was amazed at how far I would go for research. Well, let’s remember that Barack Obama won the Nobel prize for far less!

Anyway, next week I’ll update you on the catastrophes that humanity will face, if Antarctica’s icecap melts. At the moment – and somewhat inconveniently – it’s growing.

Sacrificing for research……. and maybe you could drop a note to the Nobel committee?


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