We Can Win. We Must Win!

Dave 07Hello friends

Last week I said that I was going to go see Al Gore’s latest disaster fantasy, and report back to you. I will, but later. So far it sounds like the lineups are short.

But for the next few weeks I’m going to draw your attention to an issue that’s even more critical than the money being wasted on trying to stop climate change, although the issues are related. For Albertans, the threat is imminent, but the threat exists throughout Western civilization.

The threat is the relentless attack by the Progressivist Left, on parental rights, childhood, common sense, decency, scientific facts, empirical evidence, and history.

Parental choice in education is guaranteed by the UN Charter on Human Rights, as well as numerous federal and provincial/state laws; yet the Progressivists are determined to pretend they don’t exist, in order to implement their radical agenda.

Donna TrimbleDonna Trimble, and Parents for Choice in Education, along with several other organizations that I’ll be highlighting in the coming weeks, are doing incredible work in fighting for your rights as parents, and your children’s rights, just to be children.

Please follow this link and read Donna’s very personal blog. Then forward this blog to everyone you know, and get involved, including financially. I can tell you that while these social media initiatives are incredibly cost-effective, they still cost money. Freedom is not free.

It is absolutely critical that in 2019, Albertans elect a political party committed to parental rights, with a leader that has the backbone to stand up to the inevitable dishonest attacks by the NDP government, it’s ideological allies, and their media supporters.

And that’s why the UCP of Alberta leadership election in October requires your focused attention. Sadly, some of the candidates are extremely wobbly on parental rights.

And your rights are critical. Did you know that your children are being taught that a girl can have a penis? A man can have a baby? And that they were provided access to sites saying: “Here’s how to find porn?” I am not exaggerating. Rachel Notley’s NDP is not the party of Tommy Douglas. He would be appalled.

Next week I’m going to continue to feature organizations that are doing critical work in the fight, for you, your children, and your grandchildren.

Until then….

Dave Reesor

Let’s Do It Ourselves


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