Just because you’re a boy doesn’t mean you’re a boy.

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“Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.” This ridiclous and completely unscientific nonsense is a direct quote from Planned Parenthood, and it’s exactly the same bizarre propaganda pushed by the LGBTQ activist organization, EGALE, an organization that is dedicated to normalizing virtually every kind of sexual disorder.

Astonishingly, EGALE is the organization which Alberta Education engaged to guide the setting up of Alberta’s Gay Straight Alliance, or GSA clubs. Current Education minister, David Eggen hired radical activist, Kris Wells, to supervise the development and operation of the GSA website. Is this beginning to sound a bit disquieting? Read further. It actually gets creepy.

Until it was investigated and reported by Theresa Ng, of Informed Albertans, the Kris Wells supervised website had multiple links to sexually explicit sites, which Wells apparently considered suitable for kindergarten through grade 12.

I say apparently considered suitable, because Dr. Wells attacked Theresa Ng for being hysterical and sensationalist for calling the links “un-suitable.” Does this character actually think explicitly sexually explicit material is suitable for elementary school children? Wells then attempted to raise money on his own Facebook page to finance opposition to Ms. Ng.

Like I said, creepy. This guy has a PhD. In what, you might ask?

GSA clubs are a recruitment tool for radical activists, and if a child joins one, parents are not to be notified without the child’s permission. A friend of ours was recently talking to a woman that she met at a petroleum conference. This woman related that their 10-year-old son had come home and asked: “How can I be sure that I’m a boy?” That’s a very disturbing question to have come out of the blue. Where would it come from?

You can bet it came from exposure to absurdities like the Gender Bannock Bread Person, now a regular feature in Alberta schools.

Confuse em, then Recruit em!
Confuse em, then Recruit em!

And you can bet that there are thousands more kids that will have the same question planted in their minds. Camille Paglia, a lesbian feminist educator, speaker,  and writer, says it’s child abuse. Yes it is, on a massive scale, and paid for by you.

Alberta’s GSA clubs should be disbanded and replaced by instituting something like a School Without Bullying, or SWB standard, with simple rules that children are expected to adhere to. That would mean no bullying of any child, for being awkward, wearing glasses, being a different colour, struggling with Gender Identity Disorder, coming out as a teenager, adhering to a different religion, or wearing different clothes, or any other reason for which children are bullied.

Let’s wrap up on a somewhat humorous note. A couple of days ago, Kris Wells had a press conference at which he featured research which, in his view, supports the Wells / Eggen position that little children must not be “outed” to their parents. Except the research paper concludes with 4 points, 3 of which explicitly state that parents and families are a “key source of support for young people.” Of course, those points directly contradict Wells and Eggen, two fellows who are, it would seem, not very bright.

Kris WellsBut Kris Wells is still David Eggen’s advisor, and David Eggen is still David EggenRachel Notley’s Education Minister. In a rational world, Kris Wells, David Eggen, and EGALE, would all be dismissed and prevented from ever again having anything to do with Alberta’s children. And, if it’s still a rational world, Rachel Notley’s political career will be ended at the next election.

How each of the United Conservative Party leadership candidates have responded to the GSA issue is critical in their upcoming leadership election, and in the next provincial election. I discussed those responses in more detail, in an earlier blog, here.

Please, participate in the UCP election. Alberta’s kids need you.

Thank you!

Dave Reesor

A clarification. In my last blog I talked about a couple of things that I felt were critical to sustaining a marriage for 50 years. I haven’t received any negative feedback, but I do want to say that I didn’t mean to imply that all marriages are sustainable. It takes two people, both working very hard at it, to make a marriage work. One person cannot do it on their own. Wherever you are in your current relationship, give it all you’ve got. It’s worth it!

And a sincere Thanks! – to each of you for all your good wishes!


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