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Cancel My Subscription

Dave 07My resolution for 2018:

Spend even more time calling out imbalance and extremism in the traditional and social media, on both sides of the debates. Support balanced media and cancel the rest.


December 28, 2017

National Geographic Magazine, Circulation Department

Dear Sir/Mdm.

Since I was a child, I’ve have been a reader of National Geographic Magazine. And since our children became adults and moved away from home about 30 years ago, we’ve subscribed for them each Christmas.

But over the last number of years, the National Geographic has become more of an activist magazine, and much less a science publication. Particularly as regards global warming – a term now apparently dropped in favor of the catch-all term, “climate change”, your coverage has been almost consistently one-sided; increased CO2 is destroying the planet. Although I must say that in, I believe it was your April 2007 issue, you had a foldout that showed that increased CO2 is significantly increasing plant growth across the southern Sahara, as it is around the world.

The fact is that climate change has been a natural feature of our planet for hundreds of millions of years. And in the recent past – the last million years or so – it has been both warmer and colder than at present, several times in fact. How about an issue dedicated to that?

There is no consensus as to the significance of human contributions to global warming, or to climate change And many prominent scientists like Judith Curry are now admitting that they were duped by their colleagues. Where’s the outrage, or even the coverage? The 97% scientific consensus on climate change was manufactured; the very concept of consensus on such a complex issue is itself, unscientific.

Nothing predicted by climate change’s Huckster in Chief, Al Gore, has come true. He predicted that by 2016, the Arctic Ocean would be ice free in summer. This past year’s Arctic ice minimum extent was 4,640,000 km², (1.79 million square miles), an area half the size of the United States! Polar bear numbers have increased significantly over the last 30 years; another prediction gone backwards.

Michael Mann manufactured a famous, and regrettably, very influential, hockey stick shaped, 1000 year temperature graph, that completely erased the Little Ice Age from history. That’s not science, it’s deception. Surely, frost in July and the Thames freezing regularly in the 1700s, and into the 1800s, are newsworthy climate stories from history. And surely those stories are germane to the present debate.

Antarctica – except for a relatively tiny peninsula that juts into the currents between the South Atlantic and South Pacific – is setting record cold temperatures, and is gaining trillions of tons of ice. Where’s the feature article on that fact?

James Hansen was one of the most prominent and often quoted, climate alarmists on the planet, until nearly 50 of his colleagues, and his supervisor at NASA called him an alarmist, and an embarrassment to NASA. Where was the coverage of that?

I could go on, but it appears that National Geographic, like William Randolph Hearst, Scientific American, Time magazine, and even The Economist, has discovered that alarmism sells, and has decided that: “If it bleeds, it leads.” I’m not interested, and our children and grandchildren have said the same; therefore we are not renewing our subscriptions.

Yours truly

Dave Reesor, Calgary Alberta Canada.

P.S. Kudos for a well-balanced article on the life of Jesus in your December issue. Bring that same approach to the climate change issue, and we may re-subscribe.

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Please accept …. my apology

Dave 07Back in the mists of time, 1960 to be exact, or prehistory to Millennials, Brenda Lee had a monster hit called “I’m Sorry”. One of the lines was: “I’m sorry, so sorry; please accept my apology.” With some slight modifications, it could have been the theme song for Canadian governments for the past 20 years or so.

Here’s the curve ball; I think apologies are okay, and even helpful if done sincerely, and properly contextualized.

In 1988, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney apologized to Japanese Canadians for their internment during World War II, and paid a symbolic redress. Japanese Canadians were wronged, although in the context of World War II, and with Japanese advances throughout the Pacific and even into the Aleutian Islands, paranoia was understandable, if not excusable.

In the 1800s, Chinese laborers/navvies were brought to Canada, and the United States, to build canals and railways. When the projects were completed, the Chinese men naturally wanted to bring their families to join them. In Canada they were faced with a $50 per person poll tax, which was raised to $100, and then $500. For decades, that tax successfully minimized Chinese immigration. In 2006, the Harper government apologized, and gave a token compensation to Chinese Canadians, or their descendants, for their mistreatment.

More recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized to aboriginal Canadians who were abused in Newfoundland/Labrador residential schools. I believe it was appropriate, as long as we remember the context.

Not all aboriginal Canadians look back on the residential school as unremittingly negative. It also must be remembered, that in the context of the times, transportation from isolated communities was extremely difficult. Furthermore, it was sincerely, and to some extent, justifiably believed, that assimilation into white society would provide a better future for native children.

Obviously, the program went too far, and just as obviously, not enough care was taken to weed out the sadists and perverts that managed to insinuate themselves into the system.

Most recently, Prime Minister Trudeau has apologized to those members of the LGBTQ community who were abused under Canadian law, by the Canadian government. I happen to agree with that apology as well.

In 1963, at age 19, I moved to Calgary, from the tiny community of Consul Saskatchewan, where homosexuality was regarded – at least by me – as a myth. Being a hard-working farm boy, I soon got a job, and I made some friends among my colleagues. After about five months of wondering why Jack never wanted to go on a double date with me, the penny dropped, and I realized that homosexuality was real, and that Jack was homosexual. (The word gay had yet to be co-opted)

On a visit back to the farm, I told my dad about Jack. He was pretty sanguine about it, and said that he had known some homosexuals in the Air Force. He seemed to regard them as mostly regular people who had a significant psychological disorder, and I accepted that. I haven’t changed my mind.

But 55 years ago, disdain and abuse were part of everyday life for homosexuals. One Saturday evening, another buddy and I were out looking for something to do and we bumped into a group of three or four fellows our age. They suggested: “Let’s go to Memorial Park and beat up some fags.”

I didn’t understand them at first and when they explained what they were suggesting, I said: “Why would we do that? They have enough problems already.” My buddy and I went one direction; I don’t know where the other guys went. But reporting them to the police wouldn’t have accomplished anything; back then the police might’ve gone along for the entertainment, or even have joined in.

It got even worse, and I hate to say this, but I was talking about homosexuality to an older “Christian” man one day, and he said: “In my opinion, they should all be taken out and shot.” I was appalled, and I asked if he thought that would be Jesus’ attitude. I don’t remember his answer, but I’m still sickened at the memory of the conversation.

55 years ago, homosexuals who were quietly living their lives could be arrested and locked up. So when Pierre Trudeau said: “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation,” I agreed with him. But the fact is, that for years, the Canadian government did aid and abet and practice, indefensible abuse of what we now call the LGBTQ community. An apology for that was not out of line; it was the right thing to do.

Trans man having babyBut of course, there’s a ditch on both sides of the road, and we’ve gone from horribly abusing homosexuals, to mindlessly normalizing every sexual disorder imaginable, and insisting that it be celebrated. That’s intellectually and scientifically and socially dishonest, and if I do have a phobia, it’s about the intellectual dishonesty which itself has become normalized.

I always appreciate your opinions, positive or negative. And don’t forget to Like, or at least Share. It’s how social media works. And if you think it’s worthwhile, you can support our work at

I’m Dave Reesor

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Who Cares?

Dave 07The media has been gaga for the past week or so, because……. wait for it………. Prince Harry is engaged!! Well I suppose it’s about time; he’s in his 30s after all.

But there’s  more!! He’s engaged to a woman “of colour”!!! Here’s the breathless prose used by many of the newspapers that use The Associated Press.

“For some black women, Megan Markel and Prince Harry’s engagement was something more. One of the world’s most eligible bachelors has chosen someone who looks like them and grew up like them.”

Meghan MarkleOh really? Here’s a picture of Meghan Markel, and I can tell you that we have grandsons that are multiple shades browner than she is, especially after they go shirtless and hatless most of the summer. I know, they’re supposed to cover up, but good luck with that.

But, apparently, Ms. Markel’s heritage is half African-American, so let’s get right to the really important question which I sincerely believe should be: “Who Cares?” We should’ve gotten past the mixed colour marriage issue about 3000 years ago, when Moses married a black woman from southern Sudan. Yes, that Moses. Look it up.

Most of us are mixed race. Meritha and I have ordered DNA kits for each other for ‘Christmas, so we can finally find out who we’re living with. With my Celtic ancestry, I’m concerned about how much Neanderthal DNA might still be in there, and then, Meritha’s inevitable comment: “We spent $100 to find out something that I already knew?”

Anyway, it seems to me that the real story is Harry’s red hair. Here we have a mixed race American actress marrying an English red head. Now that’s a story, because, let’s face it, there are far fewer redheads in the entire world than there are people of mixed race.

It actually does astonish and dismay me that mixed race couples are still a news item in 2017. I had hoped that with the election of Barack Obama nine years ago, race relations would improve, and the racial origin fixation would abate. Sadly, under Obama they both became worse, certainly in part because he insisted on taking a racially biased position on several incidents between Caucasian and African-Americans, even before the facts were known.

I’ve always insisted that racism is not a white disease, it’s a human disease. I’ve told this story before, but in the late 80s and early 90s I made several trips to Africa on business. On one of them, the Canadian embassy in Dar es Salaam provided a car, and a driver named Aggrey Mponguliana. Sounds kind of Ndebele/Italian doesn’t it?

Anyway, on a subsequent trip to Tanzania I invited Aggrey and his wife Anna to join me for dinner at my hotel in downtown Dar es Salaam, and during our conversation we discovered that we had several things in common. But we really had different experiences when it came to marriage customs. Anna revealed to me that Aggrey had paid 10 cows for her. I don’t think we had cows on the farm when Meritha and I were married, so I suppose I’d have had to pay her dad about 50 sheep!

Anna went on, that had she been lighter skinned, Aggrey would have had to pay up to 20 cows to her father. That’s 10 extra cows for less pigmentation! It struck me again how ridiculous the whole skin colour issue is.

I said that it seemed to me that that the human race must be crazy. Caucasians lie on tanning beds or the beach, to turn brown; East Asians wear enormous hats to prevent browning, and African men give extra cows for a lighter skin. Some people actually bleach their skin to become whiter, and others spray on brown to become browner.

And all this to satisfy the notion – unfortunately sometimes true – that a different skin colour will help you be more successful, even though it won’t make the slightest difference to the kind of person you are. Homo Sapiens? No, Homo Stupidus.

So I’m with Billington Bulworth who famously suggested – and I’ll have to clean up his language, a lot – that we should keep inter-marrying until we’re all the same colour. Not a bad idea.

Because then maybe we can focus our conversations, and our headlines, on more important things.

I’m Dave Reesor