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Breaking Bread? Break Your Own!

Dave 07

Old Fashioned Bread
Over the past few months, my family has posted several pictures on the Internet, of a very simple, homemade bread that I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve now had around 300 requests for the recipe, so here goes.
There are only 4 basic ingredients; it takes 5 minutes to mix, and then, 15 to 18 hours later, it’s 5 minutes to get it into the oven. And it smells good! Quantities can be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled, depending on how much bread you want.

Basic Recipe 

2 cups unbleached flour, or 1 cup of unbleached, and 1 cup of whole wheat.

Light Rye.jpgI just tried 1/3 rye flour, and it’s great. (photo) But you won’t get quite as much rise when you add whole wheat or rye. A small handful of flax seeds add texture.
I have an uncle and a cousin who grow Kamut; an ancient grain that is significantly higher in nutritive value than modern grains. I’m going to be getting some from them in a couple of months. Hint for Meritha: If I don’t get a grain mill for Father’s Day, I suppose I’ll have to use the coffee grinder.

1 teaspoon of traditional yeast

1 teaspoon of salt

1 1/3 cups of water, more or less.

Mix the dry ingredients and add most of the water. I mix it with a spatula – it’s less messy than using your hands, but if you like to feel the dough, go for it – and check to see if you get a dough that just barely sticks to the spatula. If it’s too dry, you’ll need to add a little water; too wet and you add a little flour. I keep flour and cornmeal in shaker bottles.

Then I put a plate over the bowl and let it sit for 15 to 18 hours.

The idea is that the yeasts do much of the work of digesting the gluten, and releasing the minerals and vitamins. I got the idea from watching a four-part series called Cooked, on Netflix. It’s well worth watching.
**My general philosophy is: “What’s the worst that could happen?” If it’s skydiving, the parachute might not open. No thanks. But if the bread is inedible, I just throw out $1 worth of ingredients and 10 minutes time; try to figure out what went wrong, and start again. If you get this just right on the first try, you’re probably lying. But seriously, that’s the secret. If you’re afraid of a failure, or a few, you’ll never create something that’s really yours.   The recipe is meant for you to make it yours.
Plain Wheat.jpg

So, 18 hours later, again using the spatula, I poke it down, (kneading I suppose, but easier).  I check it for stickiness and sprinkle and mix flour or water, as needed. You don’t want it to stick to your baking dish.  Using the spatula, and sprinkling a bit of flour, I form it into kind of a ball and roll it into my baking dish, which I’ve had in a slightly warmed oven.

Leave it in the turned-off oven: then, 30 to 60 minutes later, and leaving it in the oven, I turn  the oven on to 400°, set the timer to 55 minutes, (you’ll adjust this depending on how moist you like your bread) and let it bake, covered with foil or a lid.

**For the basic 2 or 3 cups of flour recipe, I bake it in a heavy, 6” diameter, non-stick aluminum pot, or a 3 X 7 X 3 inch deep rectangular ceramic dish. I wipe the interior with olive oil and then coat it lightly with the cornmeal. It gives a nice crust.
 For larger quantities I use a deep, cast-iron pan. In the summer I use the barbecue and set the pan up on bricks to avoid burning the bottom. From the BBQ.jpgIt’s also a great way to bake Cornbread / Johnny cake, or pies.
To the bread recipe I sometimes add flax seed, or a mixed cereal, or whatever seems like it might add good taste and texture. Adjust the water and flour accordingly.

Brush cream or oil or butter the top, and bake it uncovered for another 15 minutes.

Cool it on a rack for as long as you can resist trying it.

Baking simple bread is very rewarding. Kids and grand-kids, and guests, love it. If grand-kids are staying overnight, get them involved. And explain the health benefits.
I’m not a cook, but I really enjoy making simple things that taste good, and are healthier, but don’t cost much. And if I can do it – most of the time anyway – anybody can.
Have fun!
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Telling Stories You Need To Hear

Dave 07For a very long time I have believed that there’s a need for an alternative to mainstream media. The Marxist/Socialist Project begun in the 1930s, which was literally called: “The Long Slow March Through the Institutions of the West”, has been largely successful.

Universities, and through them the teaching profession, the legal profession, most of the media, and even some of the Christian churches, have become totally infected with Marxist, Left-wing, Progressivist Left, neo-liberal ideology. The Long Slow March has even invaded the fields of economics and science.

So when Rebel Media was launched immediately after the collapse of Sun News, we supported them. But since then, I’ve often expressed concern about their sometimes overblown and emotional approach to news coverage. And last year, some very credible journalists left Rebel Media for that reason.

But I recently had the opportunity to attend a breakfast meeting of supporters of Rebel Media, hosted by Ezra Levant, and reporter / farmer’s wife / Irritant to the Progressivist Left, Sheila Gunn Reid. I thought you might be interested.

Ezra Levant.jpgAbout 20 of us attended, and in my view, the tone of Ezra’s comments was very encouraging. Right up front, he acknowledged that Rebel Media had made some mistakes, and he pledged to continually become more professional. That’s a very positive stance, and I took him to be sincere.

Sheila Gunn Reid.jpgThe fact is, that Rebel Media does cover stories that no other media outlets are interested in. For instance, Sheila Gunn Reid related a hilarious story about her trip to the Bonn Climate Camp Meeting, or whatever it is that they should call these overtly religious shindigs. Rebel Media was banned from the event – as you’re aware, the Progressivist Left is extremely tolerant of your opinions, provided your opinions agree with their opinions – but they went anyway.

Now, some of the exhibits at this anti-fossil fuel alarm-fest, were housed in inflatable structures. As you’d expect, these structures were kept warm – it was November – and inflated, by electricity generated by windmills and solar panels.

Well, not exactly. In fact, attendees at this gathering of the Defenders of Gaia were kept warm and illuminated by……. diesel generators! Watch this 90 second video. In spite of their vital contribution, I doubt that Deutschland Diesel was on the list of supplier acknowledgements. Nor, I suspect, was there a session entitled: “Why Germany finds it necessary to continue building coal-fired generating plants.” The Progressivist Left’s disdain for reality could not be more starkly illustrated.

Here’s some good Rebel news for Sébastien Gorka fans. Dr. Gorka, who spent some time in the White House, has joined Rebel Media as a regular contributor. He’s originally from Hungary, and has personally experienced the chaotic consequences of Marxism/Communism/Socialism/and Nazi-ism, Bernie Sanders-ism, and all the other insidious isms of left-wing ideology.

There’s also some bad news. I won’t get into the details, but as with many other conservative organizations, Rebel Media is being actively undercut by the left-wing billionaires of Silicon Valley, at a major financial cost. But there’s a solution to this. Rebel media already has many thousands of subscribers, and just 10,000 more, at $8 a month, would more cover the loss in revenue.

So I encourage you and your family and friends to support one of the few conservative media outlets on the planet.

I’m Dave Reesor

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