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Telling Stories You Need To Hear

Dave 07For a very long time I have believed that there’s a need for an alternative to mainstream media. The Marxist/Socialist Project begun in the 1930s, which was literally called: “The Long Slow March Through the Institutions of the West”, has been largely successful.

Universities, and through them the teaching profession, the legal profession, most of the media, and even some of the Christian churches, have become totally infected with Marxist, Left-wing, Progressivist Left, neo-liberal ideology. The Long Slow March has even invaded the fields of economics and science.

So when Rebel Media was launched immediately after the collapse of Sun News, we supported them. But since then, I’ve often expressed concern about their sometimes overblown and emotional approach to news coverage. And last year, some very credible journalists left Rebel Media for that reason.

But I recently had the opportunity to attend a breakfast meeting of supporters of Rebel Media, hosted by Ezra Levant, and reporter / farmer’s wife / Irritant to the Progressivist Left, Sheila Gunn Reid. I thought you might be interested.

Ezra Levant.jpgAbout 20 of us attended, and in my view, the tone of Ezra’s comments was very encouraging. Right up front, he acknowledged that Rebel Media had made some mistakes, and he pledged to continually become more professional. That’s a very positive stance, and I took him to be sincere.

Sheila Gunn Reid.jpgThe fact is, that Rebel Media does cover stories that no other media outlets are interested in. For instance, Sheila Gunn Reid related a hilarious story about her trip to the Bonn Climate Camp Meeting, or whatever it is that they should call these overtly religious shindigs. Rebel Media was banned from the event – as you’re aware, the Progressivist Left is extremely tolerant of your opinions, provided your opinions agree with their opinions – but they went anyway.

Now, some of the exhibits at this anti-fossil fuel alarm-fest, were housed in inflatable structures. As you’d expect, these structures were kept warm – it was November – and inflated, by electricity generated by windmills and solar panels.

Well, not exactly. In fact, attendees at this gathering of the Defenders of Gaia were kept warm and illuminated by……. diesel generators! Watch this 90 second video. In spite of their vital contribution, I doubt that Deutschland Diesel was on the list of supplier acknowledgements. Nor, I suspect, was there a session entitled: “Why Germany finds it necessary to continue building coal-fired generating plants.” The Progressivist Left’s disdain for reality could not be more starkly illustrated.

Here’s some good Rebel news for Sébastien Gorka fans. Dr. Gorka, who spent some time in the White House, has joined Rebel Media as a regular contributor. He’s originally from Hungary, and has personally experienced the chaotic consequences of Marxism/Communism/Socialism/and Nazi-ism, Bernie Sanders-ism, and all the other insidious isms of left-wing ideology.

There’s also some bad news. I won’t get into the details, but as with many other conservative organizations, Rebel Media is being actively undercut by the left-wing billionaires of Silicon Valley, at a major financial cost. But there’s a solution to this. Rebel media already has many thousands of subscribers, and just 10,000 more, at $8 a month, would more cover the loss in revenue.

So I encourage you and your family and friends to support one of the few conservative media outlets on the planet.

I’m Dave Reesor

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