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The Intellectual Rock Star from Fairview Alberta

I think it was about a year ago that Meritha and I attended a weekend conference put on by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and their Millennials wing which they call Generation Screwed; as in, the people in power are running up debts and will be leaving us the bill. The keynote speaker was Jordan Peterson, […]

Fundamental Issues

This week I’m re-blogging something I wrote a year ago, called Fundamental Issues. It’s about the importance of beginning to have a colonoscopy, beginning at age 50, and every five years thereafter. Mine last year was incomplete, so I’m having it done again tomorrow. The reason I think this is critically important is because in […]

Sea Levels Rising? Move Higher!

The Year That Winter Died

The phenomenon known as, “A Canadian Winter”, died, six years ago, during the mild winter of 2011-2012.
Well, maybe not!