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The Intellectual Rock Star from Fairview Alberta

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I think it was about a year ago that Meritha and I attended a weekend conference put on by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and their Millennials wing which they call Generation Screwed; as in, the people in power are running up debts and will be leaving us the bill.

The keynote speaker was Jordan Peterson, and if you haven’t heard of him you haven’t been paying close attention to the cultural debate raging between common sense conservatives and the radical left, all across Western Society. And I mean worldwide Western Society because Jordan Peterson is possibly the biggest thing to come out of Canada since The Guess Who.

Peterson has dozens of videos on YouTube where he systematically and ruthlessly shreds all things Marxist. He’s already sold over 1 million copies of his book, 12 Rules for Life since it came out in January. And, his biggest appeal is to Millennials! Don’t tell me the situation is hopeless.

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I’ll let Barbara Kay take over telling you about him. She’s a great writer and also one of Canada’s leading intellectuals, and she has a very insightful and extremely encouraging article in the latest C2C Journal.


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Fundamental Issues

This week I’m re-blogging something I wrote a year ago, called Fundamental Issues. It’s about the importance of beginning to have a colonoscopy, beginning at age 50, and every five years thereafter. Mine last year was incomplete, so I’m having it done again tomorrow.
The reason I think this is critically important is because in April last year, we lost a friend/family member to colon cancer. He was 58, and, until his cancer was diagnosed two years before he passed away, he had never had a colonoscopy. There is an extremely high probability that he would be alive today if he had.
I also have an uncle who has had a serious battle with colon cancer – winning it so far – but he regrets that he waited until the cancer was well advanced to get a screening. By the way, the tests you get from your pharmacist only tell you that you possibly have cancer. Having polyps removed during a colonoscopy prevents cancer.
Last year when I ran this piece I got several responses saying essentially: “Okay, okay, I hear you.” I’ll be very happy if one life is saved.


Sea Levels Rising? Move Higher!

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The Year That Winter Died

  • 20150606_180253In case you hadn’t noticed, the phenomenon known as, “A Canadian Winter”, died, six years ago during the mild winter of 2011-2012.

This is the cover of the March 26, 2012 issue of MACLEAN’S, and it says: “Coast to coast, we’ve had the warmest temperatures with the least snow in 65 years. Why we may never have a real Canadian winter again.”

And then having been filled with false hope, just 2 years later, reality, as it has a tendency to do, jerked the rug out from under us. With no apparent embarrassment, on March 13, 2014, MACLEAN’S published an article describing the winter that Canadians and Americans had just endured. The headline reads: “The Winter that Ruined Everything.”

It continues:It broke records, kneecapped the economy, and showed us how ill-prepared Canada is for a future of extreme weather.” Notice the sly switch from global warming to “extreme weather”. Again, here’s the link. I did some research and discovered that we’d had lots of worse winters in the past. Actually, I’m old enough to remember lots of worse winters.

The article is a fun read if you’re into irony, but be aware that MACLEAN’S would like to have you believe that  100 years ago a tough winter was a natural event, but now it’s a climate catastrophe, and it’s caused by you.

Snow is snow, and minus 30 is minus 30, but snow and minus 30 are worse now, and it’s  your fault! And of course, mild winters are also, your fault.

Europe had a bad 2013-2014 Europes-2013-2014-winter-storms-were-most-powerful-in-70-yearswinter as well. Here’s a link to an article that tells us just how bad. As required by orthodoxy, it states that it could have been caused by climate change. But then it includes this telling line. “The results, published this week in the Journal Geophysical Research Letters, suggest the 2013-2014 winter storm season was the most energetic in nearly 70 years. I think that means that they had worse storms in the 1940s. Before SUVs. Imagine that!

This wildly ridiculous media coverage of climate would be quite entertaining – and that’s all it would be – except it’s costing us a lot of money, and diverting our attention from serious issues, like real pollution for instance, and food distribution challenges, and the psychological abuse of children by Progressivist left-wing ideologues.

The stupidity will end, only when enough of us, say, “Enough!”

Inform yourself and get involved. Write letters. Join a political party, and support organizations that strictly follow a scientific and logical approach to every issue. We often promote them.

And of course I’d encourage you to join the Let’s Do It Ourselves online community. Your support helps pay for the research and expenses involved in producing this blog. Join us at

I’m Dave Reesor