Fundamental Issues

This week I’m re-blogging something I wrote a year ago, called Fundamental Issues. It’s about the importance of beginning to have a colonoscopy, beginning at age 50, and every five years thereafter. Mine last year was incomplete, so I’m having it done again tomorrow.
The reason I think this is critically important is because in April last year, we lost a friend/family member to colon cancer. He was 58, and, until his cancer was diagnosed two years before he passed away, he had never had a colonoscopy. There is an extremely high probability that he would be alive today if he had.
I also have an uncle who has had a serious battle with colon cancer – winning it so far – but he regrets that he waited until the cancer was well advanced to get a screening. By the way, the tests you get from your pharmacist only tell you that you possibly have cancer. Having polyps removed during a colonoscopy prevents cancer.
Last year when I ran this piece I got several responses saying essentially: “Okay, okay, I hear you.” I’ll be very happy if one life is saved.

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