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Talking or Doing. That Essential Difference between Left and Right.

Dave 07I have long maintained – because the evidence has been overwhelming for a long time – that the Left is focused on talking about Progress; implementing “Progressive” legislation, and then not worrying much about the unintended consequences. For instance, the magical $15 an hour minimum wage is a huge barrier to getting that first-time job, for teenagers and immigrants, but still not enough for a single mom with a couple of kids. A carbon tax has no effect whatever on the lives of the wealthy but is a significant hit to the poor.

Which is apparently not a problem for the Left. As Robespierre said: “”Omelettes are not made without breaking eggs.” Robespierre was the mastermind behind the French Reign of Terror which killed thousands of innocent people who happened to be on the wrong side of history. All in the name of Progress.

Now we have a study by researchers from Cornell University and the University of Michigan that found, to their astonishment, that climate alarmism skeptics are in fact, more environmentally friendly than global warming alarmists. Watching the lives of people like David Suzuki and Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Redford and Neil Young, I think we’ve known that all along, haven’t we?

The fact is that conservatives are, well, conservative. We like to maintain and improve the environment for our children and grandchildren; we like to help our neighbors when they need help, and we like to provide for ourselves and our family to the best of our ability. But we think it’s unseemly to strut and preen when we do these things.

We don’t believe that we need to run to the government for “help” every time a difficulty arises, and by the way, we feel no need to buy carbon credits so we can sleep at night.

My experience is that most people are, by nature, conservative, but the radicals have propagandized the issue to such an extent that they’re afraid to “come out”. Well, if you believe in the things I listed above, and you believe in free speech, here’s permission to come out.

Don’t forget the annual Friends of Science event next week at Calgary’s Red and White Club at McMahon Stadium. There will be a buffet dinner and two excellent speakers who, unlike David Suzuki, Al Gore et al., actually care about the environment.

I just checked (Tuesday 8th) and there are a few tickets left. Call Julie right away at 1-888-789-9597, Ext 2. And if you have to miss it this year, don’t make the same mistake next year. Second Tuesday in May.

Have a great week!


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One reply on “Talking or Doing. That Essential Difference between Left and Right.”

If Jill and I lived in Edmonton we would likely attend the friends of science event. We like
your article as most people see thru the lefts agenda . However sometimes the left is
so unbelievable that one can not believe that all people use logic to make conclusions
but are actually just bad people . Take case in point Jerry Brown . Most Canadians, Americans and even Californians have no idea how depraved that small group of leftists
in Sacramento have become . Would your country ever push the common core agenda ?

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