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An Important Political Story

Dave 07There are three candidates running for the United Conservative Party (UCP) nomination in the new Calgary riding of Peigan. One of the candidates is Jeevan Mangat. Another is Tanya Fir whose campaign manager is Craig Chandler, a man who has often been a controversial figure within Alberta conservatism.

For the most part I try to keep away from direct political commentary, but I think you need to know about this. It’s a local story, but the principles involved apply far more widely.

Within the past couple of months, Craig Chandler and the Fir campaign have expressed displeasure with an advocacy organization which I  support, and one which I know for a fact will not endorse any candidate from any party.

This organization informed the Fir campaign of their nomination engagement process which involves presenting hard evidence regarding some of the highly controversial and wildly unscientific ideas that are currently being promoted in Alberta’s school system. These information sessions are available to any group, or to the nominees of any political party that reaches out to the organization. So far, Craig Chandler and the Fir campaign have not taken advantage of this opportunity.

Another competitor for the UCP nomination, Jeevan Mangat, did choose to put on a campaign event at which this advocacy organization was invited to speak. For some reason, Mr. Chandler was displeased.

Indeed, Mr. Chandler was sufficiently displeased to leave  a 59 second voicemail with the organization. The organization never gave me a transcript of the voicemail, but I have since been made aware of it. In it, Mr. Chandler states that he is “ticked off”, and that there would likely be Tanya Fir supporters at the Jeevan Mangat event, voicing their concerns “very loudly,” whatever that meant.

Sadly, Mr. Chandler goes on to say in the voicemail that: “A lot of us who are Christians and who are supporting Tanya…..”

Is Mr. Chandler implying that Christians, as a matter of principle, shouldn’t support someone who isn’t a Christian? If true, I would find that appalling.

downloadI know Jeevan Mangat personally, and while he is an adherent of the Sikh religion, he’s told me, repeatedly, that he wants to live in a society which operates on Judaeo-Christian values. That’s why his family moved to Canada when he was a little kid. And because he is committed to saving that Judaeo-Christian ethos in society, he became involved in politics.

Although Mr. Mangat obviously doesn’t call himself a Christian, in my experience, he consistently conducts himself in what would be called “a Christian” manner.”

If you live in Alberta, or especially if you have friends or family in the new Calgary riding of Peigan, I’d suggest that you make sure that they get this information right away. The vote is this week, Thursday, August 2 at the Riverbend Community Association.

We certainly do need political and cultural change. What we need to end are sleazy, heavy-handed, old-style politics.

I’m Dave Reesor, and that’s my opinion. What do you think?

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