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Ice Age Coming!?

Dave 07Last weekend’s Sunday Sun papers had a two-page article saying that heat, drought, and a longer fire season are going to be the new normal for Canada. Maybe for now, but I have research data going back into the early 1800s, and found out that the biggest fire in US history was actually in 1910.

Here’s a quote: “Believed to be the largest fire in U.S. history, the Great Fire of 1910 burned over two days from August 21 to August 22, 1910, in the states of Washington, Idaho and Montana. An estimated three million acres of land were burned by the blaze and 87 people were killed.” That’s one fire and just two days to burn 12,000 km² and kill 87 people. We’re a long way from that!

A number of years ago I read excerpts from the journal of one of the men who was with the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early 1800s. He described traveling for weeks on end through smoke and ash from forest and grass fires; most set off by lightning, but others set deliberately by the natives to rejuvenate the land. Remember this was in 1806, a cooler period before the Little Ice Age ended around 1850.

This is supposed to be one of the biggest fire seasons in Canada in 40 years. But remember the context from last week? 1980 was the end of a 30 year cold period during which scientists were writing about the new Ice Age to come. It’s warmer, so more fires, but most temperature records were still set nearly 100 years ago.

And an Ice Age may be still coming. I subscribe to an online discussion site called Quora, and the postings are almost unrelentingly from the climate alarmism crowd, so I was astonished and pleased to read this article this morning. There actually are many dissenting voices, not on the reality of climate change itself,  but whether we are experiencing Abnormal, Catastrophic, Anthropogenic, (human caused) Climate Change. How about ACACC for an acronym? Or maybe more appropriately, CACA? The words don’t work but the sentiment does.

Many Russian scientists have been saying for decades that a new Ice Age is a bigger threat to humanity than global warming. That article from an American scientist supports that thesis.

Our new catSome of you have seen this on my Facebook page, but the local Bobcat was on our deck this morning, and when we went out to take pictures he casually sauntered to the fence; jumped up on it and sat there for five minutes surveying the street up and down. Apparently seeing no edibles like rabbits, squirrels, cats or small dogs, he jumped down and strolled down the sidewalk. What a beautiful animal!

We live in Douglasdale Estates, a couple of blocks from the Bow River, but with the city all around. Have a great week!


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